Boujmaa Guilloul

International Teamrider.

Instagram. @boujmaaguilloul
Hometown. Essaouira
Home spot. I honestly make every spot I go a home spot and adapt to it and its people and costumes, I love to call the ocean the homespot, but I sailed a lot in Moulay, does that make it homespot? I love sailing in Maui Hookipa, and Margaret River Australia, where I both sailed a lot but not enough 🙂
Sponsors. Goya Windsurfing, Mystic Boarding, BoujXsports.
A few words about yourself. I don’t really talk stories about myself, even in few words, if I had to describe myself, I would think of me a citizen of the world, and thriving soul to evolve and to connect with every living being on this amazing journey through the land and the oceans of this globe, I love to share, I love to share the passion and love for the ocean, for little things that make life spicy and add a value to our existence, I love to be part of the change I want to see in humanity as a whole and I would love to be part of bringing humans to a single global community borderless and somehow build awareness about how important to prioritize a passion in life before anything else to be driven by everyday, and to accept sharing, even if my share end up smaller than my neighbour, at least I will get what I worked for and what I deserve.
What makes your ride? That’s like if you asking me what makes me eat and sleep! right!? 🙂 I think the passion is what pushes me back to the water everyday or at least whenever the opportunity is there.
How much do you love to windsurf? I don’t know how to quantify love or passion? how do we measure that? is it like to the moon and back? still it is a finite distance and I wouldn’t apprehend its quantity, so I would describe the love I have for the ocean and windsurfing in particular as if I lose my sense and mind balance when I am away from the ocean and water for as long as 1week, I can be away from the ocean for a week, I can adapt to no windsurfing days for more than that, but when I am back I am soooooo eager to make the most out of it.
What is your most memorable session? I have had amazing sessions throughout my short life, I can remember some in Cap Verde, Australia, Maui and Mauritius beside the thousands of them at home in Morocco, but if I have to tell you about one, it would be a time I was back home in Moulay sailing solid mast high waves on my 4.2, powered up, jumping and riding just the way I love it, and on the beach there was an old man waving at me to come to the shore and to tell me that he spotted out in the sea not too far away, a traditional fishermen small engine boat, drifting in an weird way, with a plastic bag in the front of it used as a sail, he asked me to go and check on it, when i went I met 2 fishermen drifting from the town called Safi which is 2h drive up north from us, they were on a casual 2 day fishing trip that ended up into a nightmare where their 2 engines broke down and couldn’t get back to the shore, they ran out of food, water, and just waiting for their time, as many of fishermen in Morocco are not good swimmers, so they were ready for their worst scenario, and the sea was really rough, I was very surprised to see a boat in the water when there was absolutely nobody else sailing out, they were happy that I came to help as I was like their one and only option, I first put my board and sail on their boat and tried to sail it lol, I did, i sailed at 5 knots away from the shore where they were gonna end up against a mean cliff with huge waves breaking on it, so I did that and sailed all the way to the harbor in Essaouira, to get the rescue boat to come and help, it was 5:45pm on a March day, I tried to remember where I left them exactly and knowing they were drifting at 7 knots an hour, I knew I could find them again but with the light close to drak and was on tears when I saw the little small blue boat in the middle of the big blue ocean, we managed to give them a new engine that they managed to start since they didn’t want to abandon their only source of income and sailed back safely to the harbor, I was very happy and proud I took part of this rescue mission which marked my entire life, and I will forever remember the joy in their faces when they made it back to safety, whenever I think of this episode it brings warmth and joy to my heart.
What inspires you? I don’t really know what inspire me today, but it is maybe science, spirituality, the diversity of mankind and the people with a very wide open mind who accept the differences of all and adapt to each one as an individual without neglecting the unity of us all, I think I am inspired by people who work hard to unite the communities but without classify them into political, religious or lifestyle classes, neither being judgemental, I think it is the most driving force to be a better human this days, it is to do one’s best to bring us back together.
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in. Perfect set up so far is my Goya Custom3 combined with the Banzai 4.2 solid 30 knots and up to mast high waves, perfect side side off shore wind perfect for down the line wave riding and jumping at the same time.
What does riding for Goya mean to you? Riding for Goya together with the rest of the team, is a dream come true, it is being part of a group of people that have devoted their lives to the sport, that have inspired multiple generation to thrive and push their limits, always on a quest to make better equipment for us to allow us to progress and reach the level we want to get to, they are some of the most innovative artist and engineers in the sport, and it is a honor to be working with them.

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