Tomas Barreiro

National Teamrider.

Hometown. Lanzarote (Canary Island)
Home spot. Jameos, Famara…
Sponsors. Goya
A few words about yourself. I´m lucky to have all have: a good family, a good job, a good house, a good place to live & sail, that is maybe because I´m not a child, so I live full & calm, but I feel like a child anyway,
What makes your ride? You have the sea, you have the air… it´s a different place to play far from the city. This makes you feel a bit special and, at the same time, It´s another way to communicate with others persons. To ride is a culture. A good way of live.
How much do you love to windsurf? I dont know why, but since I was a teenager, I wake up every days and the first thing I do it´s looking through the window for clothes in a line or plants to see what is going to be the wind this day. It´s really a drug.
What is your most memorable session? Recently I spent some weeks in Chile and it was my best windsurfing trip in my life: portack sideoff condicions, sand reefs, not to much people, total free for windsurfing with your old and the new friends.
What inspires you? It´s funny to look for the perfert ride, to look for go faster, radical, fluid…
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in. In my home spot I like to go with 80-84 litres (4,7 to 5,3 m. sail) with the best surfer rooket. Just for surf. If there aren´t goods waves, only them, it´s whem I like to jump a little.
What does riding for Goya mean to you? I don´t think I´m riding for Goya but certenly there is an exchange. One time I wanted to buy the best board in the world tired to ride during all of my life with locals quivers. So I asked to the best rider in this moment for a second hand one for me. He was Francisco. He understood me very well and I liked this board so much. Now, I know they are still looking for the best so it´s a good team to stay. Ride for (with) this team means to be conected with the top, means you want to find a place between the best riders, means you have to ride harder, means you want to show your waves and beachs, means new sails and boards every years, ,… means you want to sail more and more.
Ehhhhmm!, sorry about my english.

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