Laurin Schmuth

National Teamrider.

Hometown.Bonn, Germany
Home spot.Tough to tell as the closest spot to my home is about 300km away.
But the spot I sail and enjoy the most is El Cabezo
Sponsors.Goya, Maui Ultra Fins, Godzilla Surf Shop, XCEL Germany, Caffezza
A few words about yourself.As I don’t live close to the ocean, I make sure to travel as much as I can to wherever it’s windy and make sure to enjoy every session as much as I can.
What makes your ride?The infinite possibilities that the sport provides. The ocean is like a playground with many new places to discover and different conditions everyday.
How much do you love to windsurf?It means everything to me. All I think about is when my next session will be and which moves I want to learn and work on. I’ve been windsurfing since I was 6.
What is your most memorable session?I can’t really tell. But there are always certain sessions you will remember for a long time. That’s for example the session I landed my first double forward or my first wave 360 in. But also the evening sessions when I only sail with a few other friends that I love sharing a spot with and sail until it’s dark.
What inspires you?People that do what they are passionate about. And especially my parents 🙂
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in.I have the Banzai from 3.7-5.3 and the Custom 4 from 84-94. I’ve never felt this connected to my gear whenever I sail. The control I have when sailing and the power that the gear provides me with is great. Although I mainly sail Port-tack side-on in El Cabezo I get a big variety when I’m at home and drive to the dutch coastline to wherever it’s windy.
What does riding for Goya mean to you?It’s great to be in a Team of a lot of young talented people and still have PWA tour-veterans like Brawzinho that I constantly look up to and try to take parts of his sailing over to my skillset. And then obviously the people behind the brand where always people that I looked up to. The passion and the vibe this brand brings to the sport is unmatched and I love it!

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