Björn Zedlick

Product Designer & Team Rider

Instagram. @bjoernzedlick
Hometown. Hamburg, Germany
Home spot. Klitmøller, Denmark
Sponsors. Goya Windsurfing, KT Surfing, Quatro Sup, Quatro Windsurfing
A few words about yourself. I have the honor of working for Goya Windsurfing, designing the look of all products, graphics and communication. I spend much of my time in Europe and head over to Hawaii in spring and autumn to recharge batteries, create the look for the upcoming season, and most importantly, spend time with the team.
What makes your ride? The way people smile when you pass them by after they’ve just jibed into a promising wave, and also the seconds it takes to carve a long bottom turn into a big face and release all that momentum in one single tweaked move somewhere further upstairs.
How much do you love to windsurf? Enough to travel long ways for it and leave more of a footprint in the process than would be considered reasonable or sustainable.
What is your most memorable session? One that does stick in my head was with Stephan and my dad in Uppers Kanaha on an epic day. Somewhere along the way I had a wave eat me alive and had the sleeve being pulled over the back of my hand, where now I have a gorgeous scar that reminds me of that wonderful session. The definition of memorable.
What inspires you? Friends. Positive attitude. Confidence. People who are themselves. Good music. And for work, of course a gazillion websites and magazines or simply walking the streets of a new city.
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in. I’m blessed. I don’t own any gear. I am given and take whatever new products we create and the conditions require. I am in love with the whole bigger board, smaller sail idea though, but who isn’t.
What does riding for Goya mean to you? Forgiving and stylish gear that allows me to feel the confidence to pull off what seemed out of reach before. And being proud to be part of an honest brand with honest people. Thank you Francisco, Lalo, Keith, Jason, everyone…
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