Arnout Ter Schure

National Teamrider.

What makes your ride? That amazing feeling of being on a wall of water that has traveled for 1000s of miles only to hit the spot you’re at that day. It doesn’t matter which spot, it doesn’t matter if that wave is big or small. What matters is that sensation. No engine noises, just a board and a sail gliding effortlessly through water and air, while the wave lets your ride it.
Where do you usually ride? Waddell Creek and Davenport Landing, with the occasional trip to Maui.
What is your most memorable session? Having windsurfed for almost 30 years there are so many days to remember it is very hard to pick “the most memorable.” I often really like “first time sessions”. The first time on new gear, the first time at Ho’okipa or Waddell. Or the first time of the year when the South swell or North west winter swell hits. Or the first time sailing with Francisco, Levi or with my friends here in Nor Cal. That’s what makes each session the most memorable.
What does riding for Goya mean to you? I’ve been riding Goya gear for almost 10 years now. I started off with Quatro boards, but when I saw the new 2016 Goya boards when on Maui, I somehow knew I had to ride those. So I asked if I could switch and Fran and Keith said “of course”. The ride has since been amazing. As for the sails, that’s just been a continued path forward together. Each year they get better and better. It went from the Eclipse to the revolutionary 4-batten Banzai, to the edge of innovation 3-batten Fringe. Goya has always been on the forefront of R&D and being part of that is not a choice but an honor.

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