Alexandre Guyader

National Teamrider.

Home spot.Secret
Sponsors.4 Haiku, Mom and dad 😉
A few words about yourself.Ask my friends.
What makes your ride?No idea, but i love it.
How much do you love to windsurf?30 years.
What is your most memorable session?Too many ones, i can’t pick one up.
What inspires you?Waves.
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in.Goya Custom Quad and Goya Fringe, for wave sailing
Goya Proton 136; MFC windfoil; Goya Mark 2 for the light summer sea breeze
Kt Crusher and Plate Lunch, for the surfing days.
What does riding for Goya mean to you?Riding with Goya, is using gear in fase with my riding philosofy.

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