Banzai Pro

Powerwave 4 Batten.

Marcilio by Paul

Banzai Pro

Powerwave 4 Batten

The Banzai Pro is the “go to” 4 batten worldwide wave sail for our top riders Marcilio Browne (PWA wave world champion) and Loick Lesauvage. The Banzai Pro is the answer and solution to all demands of a light weight, direct power delivery, wide range sail with heaps of flex feel and control. The adaptability of the Banzai Pro is unparalleled.

Unique to the Banzai Pro design concept is the back-hand throttle control. The sail pulls forward from “low RPMs” and is very balanced, but there is always a little “extra” available off the back hand for when you really need to juice up into a jump or maneuver. This tactile back-hand feel gives you a direct connection to how the sail is loading and releasing and allows you stay connected throughout your maneuvers. Marcilio Browne has driven this concept, insisting that the sails maintain the connected feel, providing him supreme confidence and control through technical and radical maneuvers. There is a trend in the market for more “neutral” feeling wave sails, and while there is a place for more of that on other Goya models, the Banzai Pro is designed for a more positive rider connection to instant power delivery.

The Banzai Pro window material is Bi-Ply film. This “sleeper” feature is a massive step up from mono film. Bi-Ply is two layers of laminated clear film, lasting about 3x longer than mono film. It is UV protected and highly resistant to hard creases. Its added cost compared to mono film is worth double when unrolling a supple sounding sail, and endlessly valuable when falling and not breaking your sail.

Pro Construction, Bi-Ply & Scrim.

Available in 3.15, 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.5, 5.7, 6.0, 6.3 square meters.

Available in orange & blue or neon yellow & fuchsia.

Banzai Pro

Powerwave 4 Batten.


Pro Bi-Ply & Scrim

Bi-Ply Window Panels. Bi-Ply has the visibility and firmness of monofilm, but lasts three times longer, for multiple reasons. Our 6 mil Bi-Ply is made from 2 layers of 3 mil film, laminated together with glue containing a UV inhibitor which greatly extends the life of the film. By being made from 2 thinner layers, the material is more flexible, stays more supple longer and offers much more resistance to the creasing and eventual breaking that monofilm can suffer. This is really big news as it is a material that offers a more durable alternative to monofilm, with the same perfect clarity. All Goya films, including Scrim, Bi-Ply and X-Ply are made in the USA by Dimension Polyant ® to the highest standards of sail cloth technology.

Scrim Body Panels. The colored Scrim material used in the main panels offers super strong durability, super light weight and a supple and alive feel throughout the sail.

Scrim Luff Panels. The new Scrim luff panels are making the sails feel super crisp and quick, while still being flexible. It’s simply a lighter feeling in the hands. The beautiful thing about Scrim is the general silkiness of the material, so much the opposite of the hardness associated with most laminates. The practical thing about Scrim is that it comes back to zero after being loaded. It stays the same. Whereas Dacron grows at various rates as you use it.

Features. Carbon Stretch Control, Poly Clew Titanium Clew Rings, Rip Stop Sleeve and a Molded Tack Fairing round off the peak quality package. Sleeve cut treatments as well as tack and foot reinforcements are now folded to increase durability and prevent edge fraying. A wide upper leech Marker reinforcement prevents breakdown of the leech in strong wind conditions such as Pozo, the Gorge and Omaezaki.




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Georgi, Australia  
Oct 14, 2021 

Hi Pascal,
Still buzzing from my last high wind session- 79 l custom 4 20/21 and 4.0 banzai 20/21. The board ok- superb I have said that before, fast, snappy and very well balanced volume distribution. Imho the secret is hidden in the bottom mix and transition of concaves... But anyway the thing that blew my mind was the Banzai Pro. The next day the wind increased 14- 17 m/s. I skipped my 3.7 and went to my, ink/yellow 3.4. Everyone was on 3.7-4.2 depending on weight. I used the bottom clew eyelet with a very small amount of downhaul-and bang! catch me if you can !!-I hardly felt I had anything in my hands( I have to say that I had the goya rdm 100 340 2022 and the goya superskinny boom. Then next day the wind dropped 12-16m/s but the waves were better- I was lazy and went for the 3.4 again to see what happens. I just changed to the upper clew eyelet- and bang- the moment I stepped I was on the plane blasting, passing my mates on 4.2-4.5 s and I am not that light- 73 kg. Amazing adaptability and reactivity- two sails in one. I think the reactiveness comes from the vast area of biply and xply- if the xply strip was scrim it would not be so... I am so stoked with the banzais. This is it for now. Looking forward to the 2022 goya quads.
Best regards Georgi

Jason Diffin, USA  
Oct 04, 2019 

New scrim body panel materials-
-ALL MODELS- (except Surf)
...Vastly improves overall sail durability , also this new scrim holds shape better- makes the sails feel more stable,,, much lighter and quieter in the hands while sailing.
Also, one more detail about the new scrim materials is that for 2020, all colors have been re-vised to bring mocha more richness and vibrancy to the appearance of the sails, particularly on the water. Fashion? Yes…,,, but more importantly for me is the safety factor- you can spot and identify the new 2020 sails from great distances and this is huge piece of mind when it’s your partner, kid or good friend out there windsurfing in low light conditions.

This info is already listed in the materials, but I repeat it here so that I can emphasize to all of you here on the team that these scrim material changes alone mark a huge step/change in the sails development.
It bears repeating and reminding.

Also on all sails-
Weight aloft (up high) in the sails has been reduced with new construction details,,, this improves the lightweight handling feel of the sails through their wind range.

Also, Bi-ply is HUGE feature in the sails and it should be mentioned at every opportunity, so I’ll mention it here-
It is a huge step up from standard mono film. Bi-ply is a UV protected laminated clear film that lasts about 3x as long as mono film for UV (cracking) and also is much more resistant to hard creases. Bi-ply provides massive value.

OK, OK, here we go,,,
Model by model-

Banzai Pro and Banzai X Pro-
-Changes/details above, plus-
-More rigging range for more adaptability to changing conditions and different power delivery characteristics.
-Enhanced flex feel and control throughout the wind range with updated mid body shapes.

Hope this info helps!

Please let me know if any of you have questions or comments here…

Kind Regards,


Mark, France  
May 02, 2019 


My girlfriend and I are sharing a bunch of 5 Banzais and are really happy with them.
Sizes are : 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.3. We have 3 masts : 340, 370 and 400 and 30cm extensions.

Still, we're dealing with an issue : in some rare cases, we want to rig 5.0 and 5.3. Our current set of masts won't allow us to do so, as both sails require 400+ luff (414 and 424). We'd like to extend our masts set with one half mast only.

What do you guys at Goya recommend ? Should we go for a 430 base that we would mount with a 370 top (215+185+15ext) ?

Regards from South of France,


Maikel, Germany  
Mar 16, 2019 

Alles was die Jungs in die Hand nehmen ist der absolute Hammer. ALOHA aus der Surfschule Zingst

Tomoyuki, Japan  
Nov 09, 2018 

Aloha! I used banzai 5.7 for the first time today. Light, powerful, and controllable. Thank you for the best sail!

Alex, Germany  
Nov 09, 2018 

Got my new 2019 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0. Amazing sails as always, i've been blown away by power, control and handling.
But the new 4.0 having a 370 luff on a 370 mast needs a 0cm mastbase, that's not an option when using the US-System, so i got a 6cm gap sailpulley to base that i can't avoid.
A vario top would be nice for this size or a little more lufflength.

mick, Italy  
Oct 04, 2018 

Would be nice to see the yellow from the powersail available in any other tooyellow and white.. wonderful combinaiton

Vanja, Serbia  
Apr 12, 2018 

I am absolutely loved in this sail from the first touch. Recently I took 4.7 Banzai with Goya mast 90% and I am amazed how powerful and easy to ride with the wind between 25-40 kn and bump and jump conditions. Very easy to calm down when overpowered, exceptional in a power jibe, precise and easy to switch.
Very fast, but fully controllable all the time.
Best sail I used till now.
Thank you guys a lot, I really fealt the passion you embedded in this sail.

Hernan, Grimberg  
Jan 14, 2018 

The Banzai is an extremely powerful sail. I was really surprised by how much power it gives the first time I used it. It is still light, not a heavy sail as you would expect from a 4 batten sail. It always rig well. It has a big range, you can stand it even with very strong wind. Overall, a great sail.

Pascal, Maui, Hawaii  
Oct 09, 2017 

Hi Jason,

Just great feedback for the Banzais and Fringes, Banzais feeling a bit softer (due to decreased mast length I guess) and the Fringes more stable and therefore having a bigger range.
Much Mahalo,

Charlie, Germany  
Jul 16, 2016 

I'm absolutely happy with my new Banzais 4.2 & 5.3, that replace my old sails (3.7, 4.2., 4.7 & 5.3) because the trimm possibilities. I proved yesterday in Denmark with a lot of wind my old 3.7 but my 4.2 ist better. Now i can sail with 2 sails and 2 masts to replace my old 4 sails with 3 masts.
Amazing sails, lot of power but very easy to handle and esthetically a masterwork, beautiful colors in great combination, nice details and top-quality-material.
Thanks a lot for your shared passion

Corey, Australia  
Dec 21, 2015 

Just thought I'd like to let you know I am really enjoying the new sail.
Its performance is truly amazing and we have had a couple of good sessions lately.
Well done to you all, you make a great team. Corey

Emile, UK  
Nov 20, 2015 

Hey guys

Loving both boards and sails this year. Boards are fast and so easy to
ride, top end is great on the sails - everything feels very

Little gopro video of jolliffe road:

Hope you guys are well?



Andrea, Italy  
Sep 12, 2015 

Thank you everybody to make this stuff so amazing…

Tried the Cube 85 and the 5.0 (jason it’s incredible nice and smooth) in my home spot in Venice.

No so much waves but good for test a new stuff…

Love ya all


Lars, Denmark  
Sep 11, 2015 

Hello Jason.

5 years with Banzai and you did the Magic again.

2016 is the best Banzai you have made so far.

Tried the 4.5 yesterday in very gusty and demanding conditions. From 10ms to like 15/16 ms.
Dead onshore to cross offshore in just one session.

The sail just felt right in the hands from first seconds on the water.
Crisp, fast, with good power and easy depower - when on the wave.

It feels like a Banzai 2014 version with a good twist at the top end - very well done.

I have been speaking with 4 customers - who have sailed theirs as well
- all 4 are over excited by the feeling of the 2016 Banzai.

The simplistic design and bright colors are fantastic as well - it easy to understand, why the warehouse in Spain are sold out 🙂

All the best from Denmark.
Lars W.

Xav, Xav  
Aug 15, 2015 

Hi Jason,

Many thanks for taking the time to answer my queries, very much appreciated.

By the time i sent the email through Goya website i noticed that the Goya mast section of the website had been updated with all the information, i.e. the 99% and 70%.

All is clear now and good to hear you have no intention of changing the curve, why change something which clearly works.

I have the 90% in 430 and 400 …and just ordered a 370 90%…..I also believe that the 90% made in the US is way stronger than the 70% made in Italy.

Sailing in breaking waves 90% is the way to go.

I’m very very happy with my Banzai 2015…but couldn’t resist and pre-ordered a 5.5 2016, looks like you’ve added more dacron in luff to make it slightly softer in feel.

I use both clew rings when rigging as i sail more side on shore, side shore conditions gives me nice power…if a bit overpowered, i use the bottom ring …and if sailing nice side off conditions (rare) then it’s lower ring.

It was hard choice between 5.5 and 5.3 ..but as both rig on a 430 i went 5.5 for low end performance…the thinking here is that if using lower ring and still a handful then it’s time to go on 5.0 and it makes sail selection easier ..sometimes too much choice is no good.

I switched brand sail earlier this year after 10 years on N.... … when I put my Banzai order in... the shop gave me a S... , so I went on a 5.3 S... on demo…had one full session on it …previously i had a few reaches on my friend ’s Banzai 4.5 and the choice was very clear….no contest Banzai was the way to go.

Keep up the good work



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