Threesixty backwind.

Francisco by Sofie


Guru Pro
Controlwave 4 Batten

The new Guru is the ultimate sail for easy power, comfort and control in all wave style conditions.

A consistent favorite among discerning riders worldwide, the Guru delivers smooth and easy power and effortless handling in strong wind. The cut of the sail, combined with the supple vinyl window make the sail feel soft and light in the hand. Guru excels in all wave and wave style sailing conditions, down the line waves, onshore waves and powered up flat water and chop. Guru pairs with a wide range of fin set ups- single, twin, thruster or quad. In addition to flexible feel, the window, with a little maintenance, will stay clear for the life of the sail. The Guru matches best with the Custom Surfwave and One Freewave.

Francisco after his cover shot session: “The [Guru] has a softer feel that allow[s] you to ride longer, it just doesn’t tire you out. I heard JD [Jason Diffin, Head of sail design] saying that before but it really didn’t come together until this session, it was really amazing, I’m really stoked on this sail and it would probably be my first choice for Ho’okipa and all around too.”

Recommended wave mast 90 Pro.
Optional flatwater and bump & jump mast 70 Pro.

Available in 2.7, 3.0, 3.3, 3.5, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3 square meters.

Available in red and yellow.


The Gladiator.

The Guru means business. While all our sails are super strong, the Guru is, well, simply a cut above.


Pro Scrim & X-Ply & Vinyl

The Scrim material used in the main panels offers super strong durability, super light weight and a supple and alive feel. Woven Dacron/Scrim hybrid luff panels, an X-Ply and vinyl window, CSC™ Carbon Stretch Control, Poly Clew TCR™ Titanium Clew Rings, RSS™ Rip Stop Sleeve and the MTF™ Molded Tack Fairing round off the peak quality package. Sleeve cut treatments as well as tack and foot reinforcements are now folded to increase durability and prevent edge fraying. A scalloped upper leech reinforcement prevents breakdown of the leech from fluttering in strong wind conditions such as Omaezaki, the Gorge and Pozo.

X-Ply offers the same weight and feel of a clear window construction. The difference is increased durability through improved tear resistance. X-Ply film reinforced with yarns is incredibly tear resistant, the perfect body panel material for people looking for maximum durability.


Threesixty clew first.

Francisco by Sofie


Spaced X-Ply.

The Guru benefits from our new X-Ply material. Wider spaced. Better visibility down the line.


Threesixty regular.

Francisco by Sofie


Clear. Clear. Clear.

The Guru’s vinyl window will stay clear and soft for
pretty much the sail’s lifetime. Speaking of longevity.


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Sydney, USA  
Sep 24, 2015 

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to test the Guru 3.3-it really saved me on those high wind days and made for some epic sessions. I thought I would give a little feedback.

Here are my thoughts on the sail/mast:

Overall, it was incredibly stable and consistent. While it felt really similar to the Banzai I definitely noticed a softer, smoother delivery of power, especially in the gusts. I was able to handle the sail really easily in rougher wind and water. It was steady yet responsive and allowed me to sail when no on else would brave the conditions.

I didn't get to play around with different out-haul settings as much as I wanted to because my boom was a few cm too long. I ran it through both holes and it delivered the traditional Goya feel.

The combination of the light-weight sail and 99% carbon mast was really surprising at first and I found that I didn't need to be as aggressive as normal. I did try a few tricks and was really impressed by how easily the sail came around.

One thing I noticed was that the sail pulled on my mast hand much more than any of my other sails (is it correct to say it has a very forward draft?). I ended up moving my harness lines forward and this fixed it. At times I would have liked to have a little more power but this can most likely be blamed on the gusty conditions.

Although I don't have a lot to base comparisons on, I hope I at least expressed my excitement and appreciation for your sail designs. I look forward to hearing back from you and am always willing to test and review!

Thanks Again!

Eddy @ Big Winds, Oregon, USA  
Sep 24, 2015 

You make products that are easy to sell!

All the best,


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