Mark 7


Generation 7.


Mark 7



Performance, fun, fast easy freeride.

Available in 5.4, 5.8, 6.2, 6.6, 7.2, 7.8, 8.5 square meters.

Evo Construction, Bi-Ply window, Bi-Ply panels.

Available in Fluo Yellow with Fluo Orange logos.


A very balanced and light feel characterizes the Mark.


Main window panels: Main window panel: 6 mil high quality Monfofilm from Dimension Polyant.

Upper window panels: 4 mil high quality Monfofilm from Dimension Polyant.

Upper body color panels: Bi-Ply colored panels from Dimension-Polyant for extra durability and safety. Easier to spot on the water than clear Monofilm.

Foot/Tack panel: 4 mil Aramid Scrim has an upgraded scrim with larger denier fibers, while still keeping the high tenacity aramid X-PLY ®. It has a much greater tear and puncture resistance.


Balance, power and control to make the most of the available wind and seascapes. A new profile combined with unified twist all the way up from bottom to top gives the sail a lighter handling feel but still with excellent power and control.

In regards to its handling characteristic, a shorter boom length throughout all the Mark 7 sizes creates a more high aspect outline for better control and stability during manoeuvres. Overall improved handling and a more efficient lighter feeling sail.


The combination of a more efficient rocker, bottom shape and rail taper creates a much faster board. Translating into earlier planing as well as higher top end speed.

Stock Sizes.


Mark 7

Downhaul Tips.

1. Thread the rope onto the first roll of the tack pulley
2. Downhaul the tack pulley as close as possible to the base
3. Hold the sail in place
4. Thread the rope onto the remaining two rolls of the tack pulley
5. Finish downhauling the sail until the loose leach touches the indicator dot


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