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A sail without the perfectly matching mast is just that, a sail. When paired, it becomes a Goya Windsurfing rig.


After all, the most important piece of gear. It’s the one you’re holding in your hands.


Finely tuning your mast lengths. Finely matching the quality of your Goya Windsurfing rig.


One size fits all. One size connects all. One size lasts through everything.




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Jason, USA  
Oct 08, 2015 

Thanks for your inquiry and thank you for choosing Nexus!

RDM and SDM are both good, they just offer different things-

RDM offers easy rigging, softer feel, nice hand contact when sailing, and potentially super strength.

SDM locks more power lower in the sail, which can be advantageous for heavier sailors,,, or sailors who prioritize speed over maneuverability… Also, the increased diameter means thinner wall mast to achieve the same stiffness. SDM masts can be very light and “race-ey”...

Our mast range as a point of reference-

We have a nice 70% SDM on offer for the first time this year- very nice blend of light and strong as our single SDM option at the moment.

Our 90% RDM offers excellent feel, nice weight with excellent strength.

Our 99% RDM is an awesome super lightweight option for flatwater/bump/jump use only- the mast is very light and not meant for breaking waves of any kind… The feel in the hands is electric though- for me this is the next level up feeling in a windsurfing rig,,,, just magical…,,, unless there are waves hunting you….!!! ha ha ha

Another option-
Our 70% RDM is actually lighter than the 90% RDM and offers a great blend of weight, feel and strength.

To find the best option, just have to describe your sailing (aspirations) and plug in the mast.

Hope this info helps!
Please let me know how you go with the mast you choose on the Nexus 5.9…
-and just let us know if there is anything more we can do to help.


jason diffin
sail design
Goya Windsurfing

Joe, USA  
Oct 05, 2015 

got to test all the new gear the past 4 days had a big blow my wife LOVED the new boom used 2.7,3.0 3.4 on her quatro 64 mono.the fringes 3.5,@4.5 just UNREAL!got about 15hrs. water time in 4 days rigged both sails on new goya masts then the 4.5 on a couple year old softer goya 400 big difference.same with the 3.5 rigged it on a older nolimtz 340 when it was blowing 50 that extra twist was real ass saver!nice to have so much wind and water time to test gear. TELL JASON THANK YOU FOR THE FRINGES!joe

joe, U.S.A.  
Aug 10, 2015 

PASCAL,riding my spheres 115 and 85 with 5.0 fringe a week straight!unheard of in july and august.can,t wait for the new 4.5 and 3.5 fringe to arrive.joe

joe, U.S.A.  
Apr 01, 2015 

PASCAL ,LOVE the new 130 180 211 boom..really light and that NARROW GRIP COMES IN HANDY WHEN ITS 33 DEGREES AND YOU GOT TO WEAR GLOVES!!joe

Jan, Poland  
Feb 14, 2015 

I'm loving the booms! I couldn't get together with newschool shaped booms for a long time untill I tried the 211 carbon!

Love it!

Markus, Canada  
Nov 29, 2014 

"used the new boom today sweeeeet!!
"new 211 carbon boom, Very responsive, super light with a reduced diameter grip.
Did one of my nicest in the strap jibes ever today, the rig just flips so nice! Very Happy I was also surprised how much easier it is to pump the sail, which for today was a nice feature."

Response: Yeah Markus! Stoked you\'re loving your 211. We love them too.

Josip, Country  
Oct 08, 2013 

Aloha Francisco,

thank you very much for your fast reply. I think it is great for your brand that answers on questions like mine comes directly from champion like you, and not from some office manager.
Thank you once more, can't wait to try it...

All best to you also

Javier, Spain  
Jul 04, 2013 

Pascal. I am Loving the 211 carbon boom. Grip size is so nice. It feels very natural during transitions and the flex is just right. Thank you, Javier

Fernando, Argentina  
Jan 02, 2013 

Amazing. I was with my 400 in my 2010 5.3 Guru at the wrong time in the wrong place, was 100% sure I broke the mast, only hoping the sail was left in one piece. To my surprise, when I finally got out from under the water, I found my gear in perfect condition. Best windsurfing investment ever made.

Andreas, Germany  
Aug 30, 2012 

If bought a 400 mast for my 4.5 and 5.0 banzai and it works brillant. I also have a 4,0 banzai. Is it possible to use the 400 base with another top that fits on my 4,0.

JOE, U.s.a.  
Aug 08, 2012 

goya masts are the BOMB! love my 400 on my 4.9 banzai.

Response: Nice thanks Joe!
That\'s the best you can offer to your Banzai and she gives it back to you with ultimate enjoyment!

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