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One 3 Pro

Freewave Thruster.

Francisco by Ben


One 3 Pro

Freewave Thruster

The all new One 3 Pro has evolved into a progressive Freewave sailing board, with more parallel outlines, drawing from modern surfboards, while maintaining the overarching concept of being one board for Wave, Freestyle and Freeride.

The new parallel outlines improve agility and comfort on longer, choppy runs, while the resulting added tail area improves stability, early planing and comfort. All sizes now come with a swallow tail. A slightly lower entry rocker allows the board to naturally glide into a plane. The volume in the new One 3 Pro is more equally distributed along the board’s profile, to create a more stable and evenly planing hull.

The bottom shape includes a combination of Double Concave / V. Incorporating a double concave and a shallower V into its bottom shape increases acceleration and planing surface. The max V on the board is below the mast track with the max double concave between the rider’s stance, this allows the planing rocker to have the flattest and fastest line, while still breaking and riding freely on the surface.

All sizes are now available with Mini Tuttle side fins and Power Box center fin, for their lightness, simplicity of use, and effective compatibility with larger fins sizes.

Pro Carbon Monocoque Construction.

Available in 86, 95, 105, 115 liters.

Neon red & blue on metallic red.

Powerbox center and Mini Tuttle side finboxes.

One 3 Pro

Freewave Thruster.


Carbon & S-Glass.

Fused Cell Core. Goya boards come with a Fused Cell Core made from EPS. Fused Cell Expanded Polystyrene is a high quality, low weight, rigid, closed cell foam used in advanced modern production boardmaking.

Hyper Skin HD. The entire board is covered in Hyper Skin HD. Hyper Skin is Goya’s proprietary High Density Foam Sandwich, delivering an immensely rigid structure at an extremely light weight. Covering deck, rails and bottom in it, gives Goya Pro boards their incomparable flex and longevity. A third stronger, stiffer and lighter than conventional boards.

Biaxial Carbon & Unidirectional Carbon. Extensive patches of biaxial carbon connect the peak loads of your feet to the rest of the deck, distributing the forces resulting from jumping and waveriding evenly. Additionally, a long and wide deck carbon patch acts as a superior backbone, making you board stiffer and eliminating distortions.

Full S-Glass Hull. S-Glass covers the board 360°. S-Glass provides higher strength and elasticity compared to standard glass, while maintaining more flex than Carbon. Flex is a super important secret to an outstanding Wave board. A full Carbon Wave board would be too stiff to deliver the agility required by radical modern wavesailing. We use a highest quality full S-Glass hull in combination with a highest quality Carbon stance monocoque and core axis reinforcement to meticulously control the flex in our boards. Controlling this flex is a key to what makes Goya Pro Wave boards special and inimitable.

Build illustration.



One 3 Pro

Freewave Thruster.

One 3 Pro

Freewave Thruster.


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Nico, Italy  
Nov 30, 2022 

Great video! Showing the ONE 115 & 105

D. Boulanger, Canada  
Aug 22, 2021 

Own a 2917 Goya one 105.
At 68 kg, it’s my big board.
Last timeI sailed it, I used a 4.0 and was too lazy to switch to a smaller board.
I was amazed by how this big board handle the chop and was still responsive in the onshore surf. In a word: I am amazed with the RANGE of this board!
I just ordered it’s smaller sister the 2020 one 86. Can’t wait to test it.

dj, Netherlands  
Jul 15, 2021 

i'm sooo happy with my 2021 goya one 3 pro 95L. i sail on the north sea, lots of shore break, current and messy waves. it was very difficult to get going with the fanatic grip 89, and was not possible to go upwind much with it either... Changed to the goya one, and all problems have been solved. planes in 1 second, is fast yet has a complete wave board feeling. keep up the good work, Thanks from netherlands.

Don, New Zealand  
Aug 22, 2020 

I like the GOYA One Pro Freewave Thruster 86,I weigh 65kg what two sails would be ideal on this board

Stephane, France  
Aug 01, 2020 


Having a Custom 86 2020 for established winds and good waves, I added in my quiver the One 105 2020 for lighter/gustier/mushier-waves/free ride days and the combo works great. The One 105 has all the float I need for my 85kg when off the plane; however, when planing, it is never cumbersome under foot and it transitions/surfs remarkably. If I had to go for a one-board quiver, the One 95 would definitely my pick.

Great gear, great graphics, great toy!

marc, France  
Jun 30, 2020 

hi goya team
how happy I am with the new goya one 95;since 8 years I used only in flat water a very good fsw 95 board;now with the new one every thing is better:so smooth,so easy and each gybe is a dream.
congratulations for the shape.

Thanasis, Greece  
Apr 22, 2020 


I am looking to replace the 2018 ONE Pro 96 with the new 2020 95.
I would appreciate if you can include a video presentation of the New model in English.

Back in 2018 Francisco presented all boards in English, now for the ONE the video is in German,

Thank you

Jose Delgado, Uruguay  
Feb 07, 2020 

La empecé a usar en Punta del Este y me encantó, es muy ágil en la ola y además sale a planeo muy rápido.

Yves, Canada  
Dec 17, 2019 

Tried my new Goya One 86 at Kanaha last week. Sailed in steady 30 knot winds on a 4.7 in great waves and wow, what a feeling ! This board almost reads your mind and executes whatever maneuver you're about to throw at it with ease. It is comfortable in chop and turbulent water. It's also fast and jibes effortlessly ! Being an intermediate 60 yo sailor who is just getting comfortable sailing winter conditions here on Maui, i have a feeling this board will take me to the next level with confidence . A fantastic discovery !

Stephane, France  
Dec 11, 2019 

Used my new One pro 95 2020 in B&J condition for 2 times. with 5.0sqm (20 knots) and 4.5sqm (25 knots). Loved the easyness of the board, very nice control in jump, surf very nicelly. Very quick planning. Feet early in the straps And most of all very smooth feeling.

dominique, France  
Sep 22, 2019 

Simply the best board I had !
(I've been windsurfing for 30 years, I've had countless boards ..) ..
very fast, very manageable etc. .. ...

Raymund, Canada  
Nov 14, 2019 

Got this board for my local spots on east Vancouver Island. And it did not disappoint. Can handle way more wind than I expected for my big board that feels small and really shines for me in the 20-25 kt range. Smooths out the chop beautifully. We don't always have good waves (sometimes 5-8') here but when it gets bigger this board is soo much fun. "One" of the best, or should I say The best Freewave board I've owned! It is exactly as advertised.

Windsurf.Co.Uk, A stunning go-anywhere board  
Dec 09, 2018

Manlio, Uruguay  
May 17, 2018 

I bought the One 95 lts from 2017 and after some days adapting to this compact rocket, I absolutely love it every day. It's really "one for all". Awesome range, sailing from 4.5 to 6.5 (with a bigger fin 26 cm). Planes fast, turns sharp, seems smaller in the jumps.

Joe, USA  
Mar 23, 2018 

Bought the 2018 96L. A couple of 5.6 days and a couple of 4.8 days. The board sails small, and the suggestion to go one size up is correct. I love this board, but it feels more like a "magic" 85L board that planes fast and turns extremely well. For flat water, I also tried replacing the thrusters with inserts and going with a 28cm BP Kraken. This totally changes the board. Makes the board much more lively and fast and adds upwind ability without compromising too much on the turning experience. I'll always prefer a thruster setup when the swell/wind is up, but this simple mod makes it feel like I have two boards.

Love your products, and thanks for innovating for us windsurfers.

Tasio, Spain  
Aug 28, 2016 

Dear Goya Team
I just got the Goya One and I have being sailing it in Tarifa over the last few days in very strong wind conditions (30+ knots). I am impressed on how it sailed through the chop, how easy was to jibe and get it planning, and in particular, how it felt under my feet in such windy conditions: it's a 85L board that seemed a 77L. I weight 85 kilos and I was sailing a 3.3m sail! Congratulations on such an incredible board!

Pablo, Uruguay  
Mar 16, 2016 

Hola Francisco, soy Pablo el amigo de tato, te queria comentar y felicitar por la tabla nueva ONE del 105 ltr 2016, despues de usar tablas de la marca QUATRO/GOYA por 10 años ya, lograron sorprenderme nuevamente, cambie mi vieja one del 2011 pensando que no podia ser superada y realmente la nueva es increíble, hace un mes que la tengo y funciona perfecto, super compacta, doble muy bien, planea rapido, se comporta como mas chica y es super amigable, cosa muy importante para mis 55 años, ja ja tengo en mi quiver dos tablas mas, una Tempo de 84 ltr y una quatro freeride grande que casi no las uso, la one de 105 es ideal para las condiciones de Uruguay.

un abrazo y que sigan haciendo buenas tablas !!!! ( y un poco mas baratas jaja )


LOïC DOREZ, France  
Feb 12, 2016 

The best board I had. Thanks Francisco to let me test different board, I found the good fitting. Very confortable board, in Britany with variable conditions the large range of the 85 liter is perfect and I feel surfing a 75/78 liters. So at the end it's become the all purpose board perfect for travel !
Mahalo for the awesome work of the team.

Scott, USA  
Dec 22, 2015 

Hope you guys are doing well. We've been sailing the past couple of days on goya gear from Masato at Maui windsurf company. I've been on a new Goya One 105 litre carbon tri fin, and I have to say WOW. I've never sailed a tri fin and this board you've made is fantastic, so loose and turny and hard to believe it is 105 litres. It feels like my 86 litre Goya One I have at home and loving the Banzai sails too.

My wife is on the Goya 130l, same board that she has at home, and dialing in her waterstarts and super stoked too.

Pretty amaxing to be here at Christmas time and away from snow, very lucky to come here and sail. Our kids are having a blast

Will come by your shop tomorrow (Wed) as would come by and say hi if you are in. We're going to sail again today and then do some non sailing things the next couple of days

All the best


Lucio, Italy  
Sep 24, 2015 

Hello Francisco are happy to hear from you, I will follow your advice on the fins Qs 250. The goya Custom 78 is a board very nice and very fun ... now I have everything Goya Eclipse 5.7 and 5.0 4.0 4.0 Guru, masts Goya and I recently purchased Goya One 95 Fw. Thanks for everything, if I have doubts I will write again. A hug Lucio

Eduardo Massarotti, Aegentina  
Sep 23, 2015 

Hola les cuento que compre una One 105 2015 y me parecio exelente y muy superior a la 2013.Y ahora compre una 85 pero 2016 y la probé hace 2 día con 4,5 y es la mejor tabla que tuve ,la use con la quilla original y con una de 20 wave, increible.Realmente muy buen shape gracias

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