Bolt Pro

Freerace Single.

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Bolt Pro

Freerace Single

The Bolt Pro is our user friendly Race board, and also comes ready out of the box to be enjoyed with a foil. As a far advanced Freeride board, the Bolt Pro is crazy fast, with the power of the Proton Pro, yet with a more accessible and friendly trim.

With its 10 mm of V, it naturally softens the ride over chop on rougher seas. As in our dedicated race board, the Bolt Pro comes with tail cut-outs in combination with a light tail release that helps reduce the wetted surface, providing you with sensational acceleration. Being the evolution of our highly successful and best selling Freerace line, the new Bolt Pro incorporates years of development, the feedback from valued customers around the world, as well as the development of three generations of Proton Pro boards in the PWA.

Being a hybrid between its predecessor and the new Proton Pro’s shallower double concave, and reduced V of the tail, the Bolt Pro’s bottom shape blends the acceleration, speed and comfort of both concepts. With a slightly higher entry rocker from the previous line, it feels balanced in both flat water and the open ocean, across a long coast run, with all the speed and control. By setting the mast track deep into a concave deck, the draft of the sail is lowered, resulting in furthermore forward drive.

Pro Full Carbon Deck Construction.

Available in 97, 107, 117, 127, 137 liters.

Sizes 117, 127, 137 come foil ready.

Neon yellow & blue on metallic charcoal.

Tuttle / Deep Tuttle center finbox.

Bolt Pro

Freerace Single.


Full Carbon Deck.

Fused Cell Core. Goya boards come with a Fused Cell Core made from EPS. Fused Cell Expanded Polystyrene is a high quality, low weight, rigid, closed cell foam used in advanced modern production boardmaking.

Hyper Skin HD. The entire board is covered in Hyper Skin HD. Hyper Skin is Goya’s proprietary High Density Foam Sandwich, delivering an immensely rigid structure at an extremely light weight. Covering deck, rails and bottom in it, gives Goya Pro boards their incomparable flex and longevity. A third stronger, stiffer and lighter than conventional boards.

Direct Drive Monocoque. The Direct Drive Monocoque connects your stance to the masttrack, supplying your board with the optimal ratio of stiffness to flex and distributing peak loads to the rest of the board. Additionally a triangular glass patch acts as a backbone to the core of your Freecarve, Freeride and Freerace board, making it stiff and eliminating primary distortions. It furthermore readies your board* to carry a hyrofoil. (* Bolt 117, 127, 137).

Full Carbon Deck. Biaxial Carbon is the perfect reinforcement for adding global torsional stiffness across the board. To add as much of it as possible while retaining a certain amount of desirable forgiving flex in our Freecarve, Freeride and Freerace boards we are covering the entire deck in it.

Build illustration.



Bolt Pro

Freerace Single.

Bolt Pro

Freerace Single.

Bolt Pro

Freerace Single.

Bolt Pro

Freerace Single.


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Marko, Slovenija  
Jul 18, 2021 

My story is different as Nick's is. I am over 60 and I used to surf with slalom boards. Had some issues with iSonic 67 in strong winds and then I tried Bolt 107. Total new experiance. Relaxed with race sails, fast end enjoyable. So much fun, that I am looking to change big & medium slalom boards for Bolts. Got the kind information from Goya windsurfing over FB, that there will be a new shape and design for 2022, so I will have to wait. And waiting won't be easy . . . . .

Nick, Spain / Tenerife  
Feb 15, 2020 

I’m writing this review as I guess a lot of people are in a similar situation as I am.
I’m a nearly 50 year old ‘dad’ and have left my boards and sails in the garage 15 years ago. Back in the days I was 15kg lighter, sailed every day it was windy, landed some back loops and was used to sail very small boards (65-72liters) with big sails.
Since a couple of years I’ve been trying to get into windsurfing again, but my old board was too small and the boards I’ve tested didn’t do what I wanted from them. In the end somebody convinced me to buy a 95 thruster wave board as I needed the volume. The board did turn surprisingly well for a 95 litre, but it felt large on the feet; the rails didn’t work with the small central fin (or at least not with my style of windsurfing; I had to change the standard 19cm fin for a larger 22cm) and getting it planing was a nightmare. This made I found even more excuses not to go windsurfing.
Another important detail: windsurfing is actually a sport, in the past it never felt like this as I was younger and sailed 150-200 days a year. After my 15 years’ break, I found myself trying gasping for air and with concrete forearms after only 20 min on the board.
This year I will turn 50 and last year I’ve decided to take part in the ‘Defi Wind 2020’ as a birthday present, realising that I needed some new gear and some serious training. I started training (read windsurfing again in sep 2019) on the 95l, I became better again, more or less back in shape, but it never felt good, until the day I took my old Fanatic Goya 74l waveboard and although it lacked quite some volume it felt as if I never stopped windsurfing: I weigh 90kg and the board planed faster than the 95, was a lot easier to control, incredibly fast and turned by just looking at it.
Good thing living in Tenerife is that we have a lot of rental centres and so I decided to go to TWS to test some new boards. I needed a free race slalom or slalom board and as I was at it I also wanted to change my wave board. I’ve tried several boards, but the ones I liked best were the ‘bolts’ from Goya. I’ve been sailing on the 117 and 107 in 25knots with a 6.2 and although the 117 felt a bit too big (I never lost control though), the sensations were incredible: volume where you need it, incredible acceleration, good control and it gave me the feeling I went fast, a feeling that I was missing on other more freeride orientated boards.
So decision made, I was going to buy the bolt 107 (2020) and when I was at it I also ordered the custom 3 pro 86l (2019). The bolt had given me such a good feeling that I completely trusted the goya guys.
Bolt 107:
2 weeks ago first time on the water: 107 bolt (38cm fin) and an also brand new Flight sails Havok no cam 6.7 free race sail, new goya carbon boom, longer harness lines… everything new, which made it a perfect recipe for disaster: foot straps too large, harness lines too far back, too much downhaul … but even like that and after the first catapult, the sensations where great. After a few laps I went back to the beach, made the straps smaller, moved the harness lines, left the downhaul for what it was and went back on the water. Did a few pretty fast laps and noticed my gps was not connected. Did some more laps and had a run at 28knots (52km/h) which is not bad considering everything was brand new, not trimmed right and I was sailing on the Atlantic with waves and chop . As I haven’t been sailing on a slalom board for over 25 years, gybing it was quite a challenge, until I found out that you just have to engage, go for it and keep on going. You can push really hard and that makes the board only turn faster, but it never blocks or loses its grip. Tomorrow’s wind forecast is promising (25-30knots), so I think I will take my bolt 107 to the harbour on flat water and the 30-35 knots should be in reach.

Guillermo, Argentina  
Dec 12, 2019 

Compre la de 127 lts nueva, es excelente tabla!!! va muy rápida y controlada

Menno, Netherlands  
Oct 19, 2019 

Picked up a 97 and 117 2020 model bolt a few months and could not be happier with my choice. The boards are performing perfectly and give me the exact mix of exciting slalom performance (my previous boards are slalom boards) and the added control of freerace. They are as fast for me as my slalom boards, so no complaints there. My experience with the whole goya team and my local shop has been superb and has added alot to my whole goya experience. They make me feel part of the team!

Avinash Bikha, Estonia  
Aug 09, 2019 

Foiling session ( with the brandnew 2020 Goya Bolt - 127 liter. Super happy with this board for both regular windsurfing and foiling.

Regular windsurfing: it planes early, the majority of volume in the back of the board gives confidence to step back and into the foot straps, and it goes fast! Board is light and gives that crisp feel on the water!

For foiling: again early planing quality helps to get up to that critical lift & release-speed. The 127 liter is also nice wide in the back (suits my NP glide wing well)

Foiling the Bolt! FFwd to 9' on the video!, Hungary  
Dec 09, 2018

Stephan, Netherlands  
Aug 24, 2018 

I surfed the bolt 105, 115 and 125 at Dunckerbeck Pro Center in Bonaire. The boards are absolutely amazing, super fast! Jibing with these boards is so easy and fun to do. The boards are very lightweight and jumps are easy to make. I liked the 115L the most because it holds up the best when there are a lot of small waves like on lac bay Bonaire.

Bill, USA  
Jun 30, 2018 

Wow. Just Wow. What an amazing board.

I rented it for three ~20+ mph days at OBX. The Bolt 105 was instant fun. I put a 5.4m2 E-Type on it and was blasting out for miles away from shore immediately. Once I had the rental sail dialed in, I was the fastest person on the water. I was completing my jibes on the first tack. Before the end of the first day, I was planing away out of my duck jibes. The board was so easy to sail, yet it was super fast and maneuverable. With the 5.4 fully powered up, the board was very stable. I didn't have to pay attention at all. I had a well-chosen weed fin from my stash that paired well with the board. I have been sailing performance gear for decades. This is by far the most fun I have had on a mid-sized board. Amazing. It made the week. Oh, and landing high-speed skipping jumps (not going high) off the swell was a breeze. The tail never went out on me.

I sail with a lot of back foot pressure. This seemed to work well on the Bolt. The fin I was given was good, but I found the board did better with one of my own fins (Tangent Dynamics). They were similar in length/depth, but mine had less area and the leading edge was more vertical. When the board would spin out on me, my fin seemed to help the board catch back on track more naturally. The rental fin didn't do this for me.

(I also tried a Proton 116. I liked it as well, but for different reasons. In comparing the two, though, the Proton took a much more active approach to sailing. I had to pay more attention to my jibes -- setting the edge took more focus but rewarded with a very powerful turn. Once the Proton was on a plane, it was definitely faster than anything I've ever sailed in those types of conditions with a sail like the 7.3m2 S-Type. For a weekend warrior that likes to go fast, though, I would choose a Bolt over the Proton every time. The Proton didn't behave as well when not planing, for instance.)

I wish I could have tried the 95 and 115! And I really need to try this board on freshwater as that is where I will be doing most of my sailing for the time being.

Greg, USA  
Apr 04, 2018 

I sailed the 2018 Bolt 115 and 125 at the Dunkerbeck ProCenter in Bonaire this past week and absolutely loved it! I've never had a board that was this easy and fast to get to plane – especially the 125l. To my opinion, it is a lot faster and more fun to sail than the SB Futura. I am sold and stoke! Cudos also for the Proton 136: even sailing in slightly higher wind than intended with only a Mark 7.2, this board was flying and remained easy to control and still great to jybe. Loved it! While the Mark are great sails, please design 2-camber freerace sail range! That would be an absolutely awesome combo with the Bolt collection.

Joe, USA  
Mar 23, 2018 

Bought the 2018 135L for slalom and to start foiling. As a slalom board it sails as advertised. But as a foil board it has been amazing. I was thinking 115L but the Goya team advised me to go big, and that was the right choice. It allows me to more easily rig for the gusts. I've only had 14 days foiling so far, but can attest that the board is super fun to sail, crashes very softly, and holds up quite well to the abuses of foiling.

K, USA  
Aug 18, 2017 

Today was pretty windy so I was on my 4,7 and 90ltr FSW. But the wind dropped significantly in the evening so I put the Bolt together with 4,7 and 38cm original fin which seemed to be horrible combination of gear but never mind. And I was impressed.
Very quick to plane. Easier than with Volar. If the Volar is freeride board on steroids then Bolt is Volar on steroids. Very nice jibing even with such a long fin. Very nice and soft riding through the chop. Very easy to keep nose down, but very easy to make some chop hops. Bord is much livelier than Volar and with higher top speed and and going upwind very easily. I could close and sheet in even on my 4,7 wave sail going upwind without significant loose of speed.
It is unbelievable how the board planes through the luls.
It was only 30min ride on underpowered 4,7 but this board is relly dream.

Thank you for your help

Best regards


Eduardo Massarotti, Argentina  
Dec 01, 2016 

El Martes me llegó la tabla 115 la usao en el Rio y me parece excelente opción , muy buena respuesta y maniobrabilidad.Yo la arme con 6,6 Mark
Y para me peso de 70 esta perfecto, creo que la qullia de 42 es un poco grande ,40 sería mejor.
Es la tabla del año , todos estaban pendientes de la performace.

Muy conteto con la compra

Pitout, France  
Aug 22, 2016 

Really Fast and confortable board. Got one 95l for Gruissan (Fr)
Thanks to Lalo who recommend me this board at DefiWind !!

Cheers !!

Niklas, Bavaria  
Aug 19, 2016 

Once again: Mahalo for this great board(s)!

Sunday I had the pleasure to be able to test the brand new Bolt 135 at Lake Walchensee. Thanks to Ralph from Freestyleworld for giving me the opportunity 🙂

It was just great. And I was really surprised about the speed of the board. On my second run I reached 29,5kn in very gusty conditions with a 9.3 freerace sail. Just cool.

My son is riding the Bolt 95 with sails between 5.0 - 6.3. What a dream for him. No problems to control in rough conditions.

Looking forward to complete our range of 95 and 115 with the new 135.

Servus & Hang Loose Niklas

Roo, USA  
Aug 02, 2016 

Let's start with speed, the 105 is a quick little beast...35 knots with a 6.4 in the Gorge chop is some serious velocity. The thing is it doesn't feel fast, just comfortable. It's a deceptive board that feels super stiff both in construction and ride. It tracks true and doesn't change direction easily. Once you get acquainted with its characteristics you can start cranking the turns with gusto, drive hard and it will turn fast. The 105 carries speed easily on all points of sail. You have to fin it up to get it working, a 36cm Vector Volt seems sweet but the lack of nose rocker and tail up attitude takes some getting used to off the wind in the channel where steep swells and crazy chop live. Upwind speed is very impressive and it's so easy to sail. In an hour and half session I didn't drop a single jibe! Nice job Goya, can't wait to try the 95.

Taavi, Estonia  
May 24, 2016 

The Bolt just loves to jibe and goes pretty fast too : ) Have only tried Bolt 105 with 6.6 m sail so far and they match perfectly I'd say. Thanks to everybody involved in crafting this easy to use line of boards.


Jerome, Netherlands  
May 20, 2016 

I want to inform you about the Goya Bolt. Maybe you already know, but this is a superb board range! Mega fast and controllable.

Now I have tested the Bolt 105, I'm just blown away.

Now I'm thinking of buying a full set of Bolt boards.

Eddy, USA  
May 17, 2016 

First jibe was a surprise! Then again, so was the first run. Both had me smiling. The board is fast, forgiving and, most of all, fun! Kudos to the team. Great product.

PS - Last summer, the Carreras were some of our best sellers. They made people realize Goya products are more than wave toys. The Bolt is doing the same - especially with the addition of the Mark. It's great to see you guys put in effort on the free-ride front and find success. It's deserved!

Big Winds
Hood River, Oregon

Carole, Spain  
Mar 21, 2016 


Looks like the Bolt is getting some rave reports in Europe! Yes, Bolt got very good qualifications and comments on Wind Magazine (France), Planche Mag (France) and Windsurfer (UK)
Pending to receive the results of test from Surfavela (Spain)

The board is qualified as: Light, exiting, the Goya’s Triumph, quality Free-ride, high speed sensations, physically light, incredibly responsive

All good.!! 🙂


Niklas, Bavaria  
Mar 15, 2016 

Mahalo for this great board!

On Saturday I picked up my Bolt 115 at my local dealer On Sunday and Monday I had my first two impressing sessions.

I don`t like it, I LOVE IT.

On Sunday I took my Mark 8.5 and I have to find the perfect setup and maybe a bigger fin. Yesterday (Monday) the wind was a bit stronger and I choose my Mark 7.2. Wow, what a perfect combination. From the first second I felt as comfortable as I would have never had any other board before.

Get on board – fell the wind – get the power in the sail and the Bolt is releasing early and accelerating quickly.
The question is, who needs a difficult and hard to ride “slalom machine” if you can get the speed of it together with the easy and smooth handling of a freeride/freemove board. I don’t!

Maximum speed on my second session 28kn and just 85% power in the sail. There is a lot more possible.

I really hope more surfers will be able to test and surf the Bolt. I am sure they will refuse to give it back.

Servus & Hang Loose Niklas

Danny Geereedhary, United Kingdom  
Feb 25, 2016 

Tried the 105 bolt as a demo board using a 5.6m full race 4 cam slalom sail at a relatively flat water sea venue in strong winds gusting 30 plus knots, after having used my own slalom board. Was struck by how fast it was, but also
how it smoothed out what chop there was, and how much more comfortable it was compared to the slalom board I currently own... If its light wind early planing ability is equally as good as its this board is going to sell like hotcakes once word gets out... Gybing is a dream on it...

Ralph, Germany  
Feb 23, 2016 

The Goya Bolt 115 is a real Speedmachine! First try with a Banzai 5.0 Wavesail with a Vmax of 30,674 Knots. With the new Goya Mark it should go easily a few Knots higher.

Bob, UK  
Jan 03, 2016 

Good news I picked up my bolt 115, Board looks fabulous. Have had a couple of sails on it now and am very pleased with it. I'am so glad I went for the bolt it's so fast ! Brilliant! !! Thank you.

Mike, Hood River, Oregon  
Jul 28, 2015 

"Dude that board is unreal, f..... perfect powered 4.8 day"

Andres, Spain  
Jul 28, 2015 

Hoy me han llegado las tablas y he podido estrenar la Bolt 105.
La he montado con la Mark 7.2 y es un equipo que funciona muy bien, es el tamaño correcto para esta tabla. Ahora tengo un equipo que arranca rápido y que tiene buena velocidad.
La tabla se nota muy corta al navegar, al principio se me hacia rara, pero cuando vas al largo se agradece, porque cuando bajas la ola no se clava.
La tabla es bastante técnica, la trasluchada és como de una tabla de slalom, pero cuando le coges el punto, sale como un cohete.
He hecho varios piques con turistas con material de slalom, y al largo los dejaba bastante atrás…pero no se si el nivel que tienen es muy bueno.
Creo que la aleta de 40 es demasiado grande, seria mejor 38, pero tengo que probarlo para estar seguro.
Ciñe mucho, he remontado el viento con mucha facilidad.

Realmente es una tabla que da muy buenas sensaciones, pero se necesita un poco de nivel para llevarla. La Carrera es mucho mas accesible
Supongo que en los test de las revistas va a salir con muy buena nota.

En la playa todo el mundo estaba pendiente de la tabla

Espero que mañana mas…..

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