Custom Pro

Surfwave Quad.

Marcilio by Sofie


Custom Pro
Surfwave Quad

If you would like to know what Brawzinho and the feedback from our customers around the world have added after the last couple of years then you might want to give these boards a try. Bringing back the past present and future into them, everything has been redesigned and compacted into these progressive shapes, with our forefront principle being “how to make wavesailing even more fun”.

The Custom Quad has the narrowest outline of our wave line, Vee/Concave/Double Concave bottom shape and furthest back rider position. This is our most compact and radical wave board and can be ridden in all wind angles and surf size. Advanced riders will enjoy exploring its limits.

The first thing you will notice on these new boards from the looks will be the Fuller Shape with a Narrower Outline, through the mid and forward sections, this single change added so much lightness and control, equally in onshore or offshore conditions. The bottom shape has also a been completely redesigned, bringing in the Vee/Shallow Double Concave through the nose and mid section of the board, changing into a Concave/Double Concave starting just behind the front foot, this split in combination at the same point with the split of the 3 stage rocker gives you the access to a Vee or Concave bottom with the lightest foot control, it is basically as if you had Speed/Glide and Grip/Control access at your toes.

The Custom Pro Quad is our most radical waveriding board, more agile than the Custom Pro Thruster, and more extreme than the One Pro Thruster.

Available in 68, 74, 79, 84, 89, 94, 104, 118 liters.

Available in Pro Carbon & S-Glass construction.

Available with Short US Twin and Mini Tuttle side finboxes.

Available in neon green on neon yellow.

Custom Pro

Surfwave Quad.

79 Liter Model


Carbon & S-Glass.

Fused Cell Core. Goya boards come with a Fused Cell Core made from EPS. Fused Cell Expanded Polystyrene is a high quality, low weight, rigid, closed cell foam used in advanced modern production boardmaking.

Hyper Skin HD. The entire board is covered in Hyper Skin HD. Hyper Skin is Goya’s proprietary High Density Foam Sandwich, delivering an immensely rigid structure at an extremely light weight. Covering deck, rails and bottom in it, gives Goya Pro boards their incomparable flex and longevity. A third stronger, stiffer and lighter than conventional boards.

Biaxial Carbon & Unidirectional Carbon. Extensive patches of biaxial carbon connect the peak loads of your feet to the rest of the deck, distributing the forces resulting from jumping and waveriding evenly. Additionally, a long and wide deck carbon patch acts as a superior backbone, making you board stiffer and eliminating distortions.

Full S-Glass Hull. S-Glass covers the board 360°. S-Glass provides higher strength and elasticity compared to standard glass, while maintaining more flex than Carbon. Flex is a super important secret to an outstanding Wave board. A full Carbon Wave board would be too stiff to deliver the agility required by radical modern wavesailing. We use a highest quality full S-Glass hull in combination with a highest quality Carbon stance monocoque and core axis reinforcement to meticulously control the flex in our boards. Controlling this flex is a key to what makes Goya Pro Wave boards special and inimitable.

Build illustration.

Custom Pro

Surfwave Quad.

Marcilio by Paul



Custom Pro

Surfwave Quad.

79 Liter Model

Custom Pro

Surfwave Quad.

Marcilio by Sofie

Custom Pro

Surfwave Quad.

79 Liter Model

Custom Pro

Surfwave Quad.

Francisco by Sofie

Custom Pro

Surfwave Quad.

Francisco by Paul

Custom Pro

Surfwave Quad.

Francisco by Paul


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Costas, Greece  
Dec 22, 2018 

Francisco hi!

Just came back from three weeks in Brandon Bay, Ireland.
We we’re really lucky… had at least three memorable days with 2-3m glassy wave and 5.0 side off winds.
For my level in windsurfing it was amazing. Definitely the best windsurf days in my life so far.

I cannot judge the performance of the board since my understanding is rather basic, but what I can tell you is that the quad really helped me be in the right place, at the right time, with minimum effort more often than ever before. In float and ride conditions I was catching wave after wave after wave and the board greatly helped me to improve my riding. What more to ask?

Regards to the whole team, best of luck,


I have my own board repair shop in Athens, Greece.
Have a look if you are in the mood. Language is Greek, but pics are universal… 🙂

Wind NC, Vermont, USA  
Dec 09, 2018 

We had a chance to try out the 2018 Goya Custom Quad this past fall and WOW!! Let me tell you, this new version of the board is just awesome! (Big Thanks to the REEFWARRIORS for the visit!!)

The Custom Quad has been one of Goya's best selling boards for years now. It has always had a flatter rocker than most any other quad on the market, allowing it to plane up just as early as most freestyle wave boards, but somehow they've always been able to keep the radical maneuverability that a hardcore wave board deserves to have. Not an easy task! Suffice to say, the blend of early planing, speed, smoothness in chop, AND insane turning capability has allowed the Goya Quad to have broad appeal- Not only do the hardcore wave purists love the board, but flat water bump and jumpers have found it to be an excellent performer as well.

The 2018 model is a big step forward from the 2016/17 shapes- They've actually made the board a touch narrower this year (bucking the trend) and kept the volume by thickening up the deck near the mast track. The tail is still quite thin and narrow due to a dramatic pull in of the outline at the back foot. The nose is also lower volume and narrower this year, reducing swing weight and making the board feel lighter and livelier.

As far as bottom shape goes- there is a fair amount of it! This is far from a flat bottomed board, including double concave on vee from the nose back to the front strap, then transitioning to a double concave set into an overall concave out through the tail. This allows the board to possess a few different characteristics- Mast track forward and an upright stance makes the board super smooth handling in the gnarliest of conditions- great for bump and jumpers looking for control when it gets big out there. Mast track back gives the board the ultimate in lively responsive snappiness, keeping even the most seasoned pros on their toes when they're drawing lines on a wave face.

Quite simply, this is a PRO LEVEL wave board, that is easy and smooth enough to sail that it allows mere mortals to have fun with it while just blasting around on a lake or in the bay. Unbelievable!

If you're thinking about upgrading to a 2018 Goya Quad, keep in mind that you can run higher volumes than you're used to and still have plenty of control for the big days with small sails. So, if you used to use an 85 liter bump and jump board, go with the 94 Custom Quad. You'll cover the same wind and sail ranges, but have an easier time floating through the lulls and planing up extra fast, all while blowing your mind with how turny and maneuverable the larger 94 liter board is. Again, Unbelievable!

Stephane, France  
Dec 02, 2018 

Hey guys, I have the 94l quad and am always amazed to see how well it performs combined with Banzai sails. I weigh about 80-85 kg and ride waves whenever I can, but I'm happy to sail in any conditions provided I'm on the water. I had the chance to sail it in light conditions 12-15 knots with 2-3m waves, the board has plenty of float to ride through white water and allows quick replacement on waves; still it feels small while surfing, pure pleasure. In strong and flatter conditions, I was impressed by the high end; riding in 35-40 knots is easy, you just don't feel the volume under feet and you have massive control. This board is a pure gem. I must admit I was first skeptical about going two sizes up, but I really don't regret it. Thanks for making me enjoy every second on the water!

Chris, The Netherlands  
Nov 06, 2018 

Kind people of Goya, given the expected light wind conditions at the 2018 Pacasmayo IWT wave event I decided to bring my 2017 116 Goya Custom Quad. Perfect choice. This board rips like there is no tomorrow regardless of the 66 cm width which gave me plenty of float to get around in sometimes extremely light winds. It is so much fun to ride, great work. Looking forward to the next generation. Keep up the good work and thank you!

Rem, California  
Oct 16, 2018 

I bought a Fringe 5.0 & 5.3 and super skinny boom two years ago, and few months ago I added two Custom Quads (84 and 104) as well

Just wanted to let you know that I'm amazed by the gear. What's best is that I've progressed my windsurfing more in the last 3 months than I've done in the 3 years prior. I am getting better every day on the water, which is something I've never felt before. It's truly amazing how much more quickly I am learning new stuff, especially on the waves. And it helps everything looks beautiful as well 🙂

Thank you for making amazing gear and keep up the good work!


Hubert Schlumprecht, Germany  
Oct 09, 2018 

Hello Goya-team, I have to express my enthusiasm about five years of awesome experiences with Custom Quads, Fringe sails and recently Custom Thruster 105 by more than a few words, - sorry!!

On the search of a bigger waveboard for light wind days in my favorite windsurfing destination Sardegna I found and risked to buy untested the first Goya Custom Quad 104 in 2012, - loved it very very much from the first second!! One year later, after having tested an 84 Quad and a 5.0 Banzai (thanks to Ralph!!) I sold all my NP and JP stuff and replaced it by Goya, - best decision in 30 years of practicing our wonderful sport.

In 2015 I luckily could test the first Fringe 5.0 and compare it with my own Banzai 5.0. I was a little surprised on the lively feeling (straight ahead), but - wow!!! - with the first jibe and especially on the first wave I could feel, that these shapes would be exactly those who would allow even an old guy like me more and better turns than ever, being much less exhausting and tiring, because in the turns Fringes are so smooth, you can make them to nothing in your hand. Pure fun in every kind of wave and, - what no one had guessed before - even in freeride conditions with simple turns.

So: Since 2013 I go with Goya, and even though my body is 65 years old now, I must say, that in these years I´ve had (still have) more fun on the water than ever before, and, - despite the natural age-related less of power and some very, very bad diseases, - I even felt getting better in surfing the waves. Whenever I was healthy and fit enough to surf seriously, in Sardegna I was envied for having the most flexibel and best turning (and - by the way - best-looking!!!) boards and sails on the water, which allowed an old (> 80 kgs-) man like me to surf all conditions (from freeride choppy water to small waves side-on up to mast-high sideshore dreams), always handling the biggest wind- and wave- range with the smallest range of material!

This year´s experiences with my actual gear, - 2018 Custom Quad 94 + 2018 Custom Thruster 105 + some Fringes now have motivated me to express my compliments and many thanks to the „makers“ of Goya for the outstanding work you do year after year in always developing boards and sails, that are not only good for „pros“ and world cup competitors, but in at least the same way for normal, but enthusiastic windsurfers like me, who do not live at the sea, but try to spend as much time as possible there, taking all the different conditions they get.

2018 Custom Quad 94 is an amazing shape: With ten more liters it is even quicker, more agile and snappier than my (be-loved) CQ 84 I had before, - and the new Custom Thruster 105 is an unbelievable versatile board!! The last few weeks I had to test it in almost all conditions Sardegna has to offer, - what a fun!! Light-wind conditions with 28 freewave-middle-fin and big Fringe, very stable, when not gliding, starting to plane like a freeride-board, much earlier than expected; small waves with 5.7/5.0 and 23 freewave-fin; fast, high and choppy Mistral-wave down-the-line along with very gusty wind (5.0 Fringe + freewave 23) and (the last two days) stormy wind and short side-onshore wind-waves with Fringe 3,7 and 21 K-One, - this board (with those different middle-fin options) fits all (lake-surfing of course, too)!! Because of the volume and the „easy-going“ shape the Custom Thruster gives so much safety and confidence, but also maneuverability in every condition, - in Germany we call this „eierlegende Wollmilchsau“ (=> „oviparous wool-milk-pig“), which is one of the best compliments a board can get in Europe.

OK, for stormy 3.7 - 5.0 wind and/or down-the-line wave conditions normally I´d go with my Custom Quad, but it was interesting and exciting to try even those conditions (just for fun) with the CT 105, too. And, - wow - it worked, unbelievable! A few years ago no-one would have expected, that an as versatile board like this Custom Thruster would be possible to shape.

And - again and again - Fringes (2016 and 2018) are unbelievable, too!! Soo easy and light to handle!! I´m looking forward to the new 2019 Fringe!!

So, - many many thanks to the Goya - Team, to KT and the Goya-brothers for developing unbelievable versatile waveboards, to JD for those perfekt matching Fringes, - and thanks so much to Ralph, the German distributor, for his advices and support!!!

Casey T., Canada/USA  
Jun 21, 2018 

I cant say enough great things about the quads, Hit the Lip!

Valerio, Italy  
Jun 18, 2018 

Salve cortesemente a chi mi posso rivolgere in Italia per avere più informazioni sulle vostre tavole grazie Valerio

Ruaraidh Somerville, Scotland  
Feb 20, 2018 

And another! Thanks again for designing such a cool board. This year's graphics are also on point!

Ruaraidh Somerville, Scotland  
Feb 20, 2018 

Here is a pic from my session on the 74l Quad!

Ruaraidh Somerville, Scotland  
Feb 20, 2018 

I used the 2018 Custom Quad in El Medano just two weeks ago for the first time, thanks to TWS. I was on the 74l, fully powered up (a little overpowered actually) with a 3.3. I weigh 53kg so I'm always looking for small wave boards, unfortunately TWS didn't have the 68 but if the performance of the 74l was anything to go by, the 68 would've been epic.
The 74 handled power wonderfully and sailed throught the chop smoothly, when jumping it was awesome and gave me the courage to try my first push loops. (I didn't land any but I'm a lot closer than before)
On the wave, however, the Quad was heavenly. I didn't think it would perform well in the cross-onshore Medano waves but I was wrong. The board carved perfectly and gave me all the grip I needed on the bottom turn but was loose enought that I was able to push the tail out at the top with ease. The board survived a couple of sketchy encounters with a dumping shorebreak, rocks and some slightly mad windsurfers without so much as a scratch. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky! I'm off the water with a broken foot thanks to a bungled aerial but I can't wait to try use a Goya Quad again. Well done Mr. Goya for the excellent sail and BTW I've been using a 340 Goya for the past three years after my last one broke in the Medano shorebreak and what can I say, the mast has survived pumping Irish and Scottish conditoons without any damage!

Ronald, France  
Feb 19, 2018 

I felt the Goya Custom Quads 84 and 74 more turny than before. I feel it more when the wind picks up and I get overpowered. Before, I had to move the pressure further back as now I can stand more on my front foot and make the board turns well… They kept their upwind and quick planing abilities, what is nice here when you have many white water to pass through and some current. I love my waveboards this year!

Francisco Goya, Maui  
Jan 11, 2018 

So many changes had happen over the years, the first ones where shorter, with a fuller nose, then we manage to pulled in the outline on the ends, then we adjusted once again the trim and balance of the board to support the rider further back position, and last we brought it all together with the narrower outlines and bottom flow, that allowed to bring back all of the best feelings at the tip of your toes. Hope you enjoy riding them as much as we did building this story together with all of our team. Thank you for your support!

Gonzalo Camiruaga, Chile  
Dec 05, 2017 

Two weeks ago my new 94lts quad arrived in Chile. Truly amazing. I made the best choice. Very fast, stable, in the bottonturn it grabs like a roller coaster rail and the cut loose everything. Do not feel the liters when jumping. I have always bought Goya and Quatro and this year design innovation really feels. They achieved it without doubts.

Murrati, Germany  
Nov 21, 2017 

During the last months I have used the 2018 Quad from high-wind choppy onshore conditions to the very best side-off down-the-line pure waveriding and I must say now, that there are absolutely NO LIMITS AT ALL. Within each turn I can really feel, how much considerable efforts you've been made to develop this super fast, very reactive and mega smooth turning waveboard. In my opinion you made some mind-blowing very very good steps forward into the right direction, towards easy accessible and radical surfing.
Thank you so, so much for bringing your dreams to life and giving us the chance to participate !! - Highest respect to the mastermind FG and all the team behind GOYA WAVEBOARDS ...

Muratti, Germany  
Nov 21, 2017 

What a fantastic combo !! ... Love my brandnew Custom Quad 84 and the Fringe sails.
During the last months I have used the 2018 Quad from high-wind choppy onshore conditions to the very best side-off down-the-line pure waveriding and I must say now, that there are absolutely NO LIMITS AT ALL. Within each turn I can really feel, how much considerable efforts you've been made to develop this super fast, very reactive and mega smooth turning waveboard. In my opinion you made some mind-blowing very very good steps forward into the right direction, towards easy accessible and radical surfing.
Thank you so, so much for bringing your dreams to life and giving us the chance to participate !! - Highest respect to the mastermind FG and all the team behind GOYA WAVEBOARDS ...

Best regards and Aloha

Rune, Norway  
Oct 28, 2017 

I'm posting again. The image of my cool GOYA Custom Surfwave 2018 board.


Rune Lovik, Norway  
Oct 27, 2017 

Cool to meet you in Baja Francisco and thanks for signing my new Custom Surfwave 79L 2018 board.
I'm back i Norway and super stoked to sail this board. I didn't imagine that you could create a better shape than the 2016 model, but the new board is amazing. You and KT are just fantastic!


James, Wadell, Santa Cruz  
Oct 03, 2017 

Hi Francisco, was finally able to try out the custom quad 84 yesterday at Waddell--wow! That board is fun! Domed deck shape seems to hide the volume well, rides and turns like a smaller board. Really likes to gouge full rail likes to have a lot of rail on the water. Was a little small, but super fun rail slide top turns. Stoked!

Stefan, Greece  
Aug 26, 2017 

Hi Francisco!

I hope this finds you well.
Just a quick feedback, we have a lot of wind these days, I sailed the custom 2018 quad 89 a lot, from 5.0 light to 4.0 flying (need a 3.7), the board is amazing, it is magic, in so much different conditions. Fast, smooth, turning fantastic, just magic.
I gave it a lot to people to try and they liked it all.
Also the thruster has very good feedback.
All the best,

Bjoern, Germany//USA  
Apr 25, 2017 

Hi guys, just wanted to take a second to give feedback on the new gear I've ridden: Custom Quad 89 was mindblowing, I've never ridden anything in the 90 liter range that felt close as good as this, no freewave feeling at all, full on turny, loved it both on one stormy and one light day (fins all forward, straps all the way apart, base plate showing 1cm of mast track channel behind), Banzai 4.5 was extra nice, felt better than previous Banzais, even better than Fringe in those conditions, and this comes from a guy who loves the Fringe, winner sail (downhauled to dot, outhaul rather loose), Just to share.

Geo, UK  
Apr 08, 2017 

I had the chance to ride my 74 custom quad as a twin, but to be honest I can not find a real advantage.The 4 fins deliver more than enough speed and loosiness for my level and conditions. Obviously at Goya everything has been sorted out. As a matter of fact the MFC fins are fast and I start to like them more. I also moved the track as you guys said back 1 cm and my front straps one position back(I have one more to go). My back strap is also next to the last position . Btw MFC straps are great- light,stiff and comfy. The board instantly changed manners- the nose became more loose which compensates for the less nose rocker. This board is so much fun. I can't get enough of those backside hacks.. Unfortunately no wind in the foreseeable future.
Cheers Geo

Joe, USA  
Mar 09, 2017 

Always worth having fun! All the best winds. Joe

Joe, USA  
Mar 09, 2017 

Snowing but still windy on the East Coast.

thanks for everthing in 2016!was 35 deg. Air@ water oneil 6-5-4@ oneil 7mm.. booties toasty for a couple hours!joe

Matsi, Sweden  
Jan 12, 2017 

I got this costum Ouad 80 -17 board and i have carving waves here in Sweden a feew weeks .
This board is superb. I feel the board invites me too try harder. It feels amasing riding when im doing frontfoot turns in cutbacks and bottom turn.
You could put enormus pressure turning in the bottom, the board doesnt give up.
Ive been riding small sinking board for 30 years an now it feels like history.
I have been sailing 3.5 and 4.5 the board kicks starts very early planing. so i feel i could ouse a smaller sail on this board.
Full Power 3.5 today 3m Waves...I Love it.

Rune, Norway  
Oct 25, 2016 

I've sailed the ultimate board for one year and are super happy with the capabilities of this board. GOYA Custom 86L from 2016 is faster and I get better control in the bottom turn. I've had Goya Custom Wave boards the past seven years and are always amazed what Francisco and KT come up with.

Simon, Australia  
Oct 21, 2016 

I have been sailing my Custom Quad 106 for a few weeks now, in conditions varying from reasonably clean waves (3m swell) down to flat water, with 4.7m to 6.2m wave sails, all in Western Australia. After owning numerous wave boards in various fin configurations, I feel like I've found the one I'll stick with. Where my previous wave boards have all presented a compromise (slow to plane / hard to point upwind but good on a wave face, quick to plane but harsh in chop etc), the Custom Quad seems to perform with very little compromise. Planes early and easily, heads up wind well, smooth in chop, jumps well... And the way it carves up a wave face is so exhilarating - fast and precise, it caught me out the first couple of bottom turns but once I got used to the grip and speed I was hooked. The Goya Custom Quad 106 is a strong contender for a one-board quiver for me with my 91kg weight and decent (competent but nothing special) wave sailing skills. It's easy to sail but I can sense there's endless performance there that I can grow into.

Lorenzo, Italy  
Sep 14, 2016 

TESTTEST GOYA CUSTOM QUAD 2016 By lorenzo | 11 febbraio 2016 0 Comments
Durante la mia recente trasfertina a Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria , ho avuto modo di utilizzare le tavole Goya Custom Quad 2016; ho pensato quindi di raccontarvi come è andata, con il solito stile della chiacchierata informale tra amici, nessuna velleità tecnica ;-). Io ho usato due volumi l’86 ed il 96 , ammetto che inizialmente ero un po’ contrariato da questo salto, non conoscevo lo spot ed il vento non era poi così forte, in virtù del mio peso avrei preso un 90-92 lt al massimo; 86 mi sembravano pochi e 96 tremendamente troppi… Seguendo i consigli dello staff sono uscito prima con il 96, per prendere confidenza con spot e attrezzatura, poi nel primo pomeriggio con l’aumentare del vento sono passato all’87 ; il secondo giorno invece, visto che il vento era più leggero e le previsioni lo annunciavano in calo, ho tenuto il 96 tutto il giorno; vele 4.7 il primo giorno , 5.0 il secondo.

Iniziamo subito con il dire che le tavole sono molto simili, differiscono soprattutto per la galleggiabilità, ma il comportamento in acqua è pressapoco lo stesso. Mi sento però di affermare che se l’86 è una gran bella tavola, il 96 è strepitoso… mi spiego meglio: io di trovarmi bene in mare, in condizioni di vento e onda con una tavola quad ( adoro questo assetto) che ha qlc litro in meno del mio peso me lo aspetto, quasi lo pretendo da una tavola “del 2016 ” ( nel senso da una tavola dei giorni nostri) . Mentre di trovarmi forse anche meglio, con uno zatterone di 96 litri proprio non me lo aspettavo, il 96 surfa come una tavola di 10 litri in meno, nei miei miseri e bassissimi salti rimane controllabile, e offre quel surplus di galleggiabilità e sicurezza che mettono sereni in spot rognosi, difficili e che magari non conosciamo ancora.

I Custom Quad Goya sono macchine da surfata, anche con il vento onshore impostare il bottom correttamente era un gioco da ragazzi, mantenere velocità mentre con i piedi storti e la bugna in avanti si andava a cercare il lip da colpire era più facile che perderla… nel momento tipico “dell’entrata”, nel cutback, la tavola spruzza radicalità e inverte la direzione in un niente. Sicuramente queste tavole sono state l’ingrediente in più che ha permesso la perfetta riuscita del mio weekend . In giro ci sono tantissime tavole buone, alcune ottime; ad altre invece sembra che nel miscelare le resine abbiano aggiunto un pizzico di magia… questi Goya sono fra queste ultime…

Lorenzo Windcam

franco, Italia  
Sep 13, 2016 

super super super i have my best board ever!!!

Debbie, U.S.A.  
Aug 27, 2016 

The custom quad 68 is the most fun board I,ve owned in 35 years of windsurfing!used it the first time during Gale Force conditions on the eastern Great Lakes!3.4@3.0 sails 2.5m waves love from the first reach out thru the shore break !quick to plane turns unreal goes upwind like a bandit!can,t wait to use 2.7 on it?highly recommended to light weights or women!thank you Francisco!

Tasio, Spain  
Aug 26, 2016 

I just bought The Goya One in Tarifa and I couldn't be happier after two days in the water. Conditions were extreme, with wind gusts approaching 60 knots. I was saling 3.3m sail and my 85L board, and my weight is 85 kilos. I was impressed how it responded in the water, where it seemed I was sailing a 78L. It was glued to the water when needed, but takes off like a feather when jumping. Amazing speed and amazing behaviour in chopi! Probably the best board I've ridden over the last years! Thank you Francisco, Lalo and team for the great work!

Toño, Tarifa, Spain  
Aug 25, 2016 

Hi Francisco & crew:

I have just bought a a Custom 80, which will be my unique gear for strong wind (sails 3.4 to 4.7). I will enjoy my brand new toy in Tarifa, mostly with side-off gusty strong choppy Levante (east) conditions.

I tried the 80 and the 86. Due to my weight (72-76 kg) I opted for the 80, but I was extremely impressed with the 86 performance in strong (30-50 knots) conditions.

I have to congratulate the shaper as I truly think this is a real change (and not marketing oriented) in R&D. That explains why all my friends (Paco 74&86, Rich 86, Ingo 74 and Ruben 86) are happy Goya customers now.

Mik, Italy  
Aug 18, 2016 

No review here but would be fine to hear about the 68` .. someone has feedback ? at wich weight and wind should it be the best option ?

Skip, USA  
Jun 26, 2016 

I got out on your 80 Liter Custom Quad and a 4.2 Banzai at the Wall. What a fantastic setup I LOOOOOVE that board. I can't get over how well it turns while remaining super FAST! It was great in the air too! Excellent work!


Paul Tebbe, P.e.tebbe  
Jun 26, 2016 

Wow amazing board, nice to be wave sailing with lower winds. Got myself the Custom 106, suprised about the small fins but they work ????!

andrea, Italy  
Feb 07, 2016 

Goya 80 quad: the best wave board I ever had in 30 years of windsurfing.

Klaus, USA  
Dec 21, 2015 

Hi Francisco,
feedback from the board. It takes allways a big smile in my face if i ride the Quad at home Lake Brombachsee, easy planning, good in chops or in Sardinien where the rails are dreamly. Lay down was for me a very new big feeling.
Thanks a lot for creating perfect boards
We wish you and your family a peaceful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Always with a smiling face on your board
Klaus & Sabine

JF, Canada  
Nov 25, 2015 

Hey guys,

was in Maui for a couple weeks. First couple days were crazy windy and I used the 2015 Custom 78 and it was fun.

But for the rest of my vacation, I was lucky enough to get a brand new Custom 86. It felt great. Very easy to ride and controllable. First couple times I had to get used to the back strap being so far back but quickly got used to it.

The board planed early, was very controllable and felt great for jumping. But the standout was the grip in the turns.

Overall great board.

Emile, UK  
Nov 20, 2015 

Hey guys

Loving both boards and sails this year. Boards are fast and so easy to
ride, top end is great on the sails - everything feels very

Little gopro video of jolliffe road:

Hope you guys are well?



Andy, Hood River, USA  
Nov 17, 2015 

Since I got the 2016 gear in September I had the chance to sail the boards and every sail size here in the Gorge and Ocean conditions. And I have to say I'm stoked. Plus I got lots of attention at the beaches from many guys seeing the Goya gear and asking lots of questions!

Love the Fringe. These sails cover just perfect my needs. Having Jason close by is great as well so we can exchange feedbacks anytime if needed.
The boards (have the Custom Quad 74 & 80 at this point) are very close to the customs I sailed. They work super for me at the coast and at the Gorge. Quick on planing feel direct with plenty of grip through the turns and at the same time loose enough for sliding maneuvers. First I was a bit concerned because the lower tail rocker compared to the boards I was used to sail. But I have to say I'm positive surprised how good they feel. For me a perfect compromise between Ocean conditions and more choppy sailing here at the Gorge. Great job guys!

Try to plan a trip to Maui sometimes in February...

Aloha from the Gorge,


Eduardo, Mallorca, Spain  
Oct 23, 2015 

This month i has been sailing with the Quad 96 and the 86 in Side on conditions . Give please my congratulations to the shaper of this boards , i think is Keith . I like boards with a good performance going onto plane and good speed but with control and good turning in the bottom. This boards are fantastic in all the points the two are lively . For me are the perfect boards for here Mallorca Island. I don´t know how you can improve the board.

The 96 used with 5,4 and 5.0 are great .Today the 86 has sailed with 4.5 A friend of mine and me think that the 86 have less volume than the indicated . Is possible ?. The 96 with less wind and 5,4 is used with twin configuration on 17,5 cm..

have you great wind and waves.

Thanks and regards


Arnie, USA  
Oct 14, 2015 

You know what i think of the 106 🙂 just multiple that by 1000 for the 86. Pretty much straight out da box I "added water" as you txt-Ed and the very first wave I score with it was logo+. 🙂 The board is butter, turns so hard, fast and easy. Slicing and dicing is back! Great acceleration in a straight line, and out of a turn, easy to float in underpowered conditions. Short length not a problem, instead big bonus as the board is more responsive and agile.

Together with the fringe the new gear has never put a bigger smile on my face. It already starts when I open my van and pull my gear out: regardless of the conditions I know my session will be good.

Thanks guys!!


Giuseppe, Italy  
Oct 09, 2015 

Hi Guys,
I've used Goya Custuom 80 2016 in Mauritius august/september 2015, from side to side off conditions, full power waves, strong wind and light wind the board is great!!! Super surfing more big waves more better. I use it winth smaller fins 25 cm. You can do a lot of bottom turn with this board in mode auto pilot. Is a radikal board but very easy to use. What impressed me is that you can yuse it also in Oneye where the waves are super fast and the wind is side/side off.
I've used this board also in total onshore conditions and strong wind from 35 to 45 konts, well the boards is ok, you can surfing onshore and fly high wih yours jumps.

Marcilio, France/Maui/Brazil  
Oct 07, 2015 

Hey Guys ,

Just to let you know, I'm riding the production board 86 again here in France and felt super fun .

The wind was dead onshore and i was super stoked with the board on the backside carvs and hits on the white water . feels safe and secure hitting the lip and also releases tail very well .

Thanks a lot

Eduardo Matas, Mallorca , Spain  
Oct 07, 2015 

Hi guys

Al least i could sail with my 96 . The season was perfect and the board surprised because is like you are riding a 85ltrs board .
I sail with a 5.4 that will be the max size i will put on it because i have bought the board for more wind.
The wind blows with too much gusting and this demonstrated the potential to go onto planed early. Little waves but i could feel the capacity to turn and its agility



Steve, Australia  
Sep 23, 2015 

Hi Guys, just to let you know I have had 6 sessions on the new 106 and its ace! This board makes me smile and I cannot get enough of it.
Its on loan from the shop but its not going back!
Here is a pic from yesterday . Heading down the line to the Steelworks in South Wales.
Inline image

Thanks for making great boards for us bigger guys.


Arnie, USA  
Sep 22, 2015 

Yep, all is very well. I finally had an awesome session on my new Goya Custom 106 at waddell on Sunday: logo+ west swell and perfect wind for 5.3 Fringe (I am borrowing Rich' sails now since I have already sold all my sails, expecting to have the new once by now... more about that later).

I'd already used the 106 a few times at 3rd Ave in the channel for B&J gorge style conditions in some nice rollers, where it works fantastic btw. But, I wanted of course to get my hands dirty on some solid waves. And Sunday, finally, presented those conditions. It took me a few waves to get used to the quad feeling again, after having been on thrusters for almost 2yrs now, but this board is some mean machine. The harder you push the better it works. It wants to be railed, kicked, throttled. Don't be shy with it. Once I got it dialed in, it was balls to the walls. Or as some told me later "you got some super nice hits!". 🙂 What I like about the board is that it's so predictable. It really has that Francisco feeling in it; butter smooth, grace, controlled, but powerful.

The short length was getting used to as one needs to be further back on the board or it will nose dive. But, it planes up early enough, great speed, amazing control and carves so easy. Floats well, as long as you're back. Great wind range; 4.7 not a problem. What really surprises me is that it absolutely never feels like a 106. Especially not in big waves or OP-ed. It always feels much smaller.

IMHO this is probably the easiest, turniest, smoothest, powerful, best looking 100+ liter wave board I've ever had. I am so stoked to be back on the quad as it allows IMHO my style (as some call me the "slicer and dicer") more so than a Thruster. I can't wait for the 86. The graphics are fantastic, but IMHO the board can be sanded down to save additional weight. That's the only "negative" I have.


Arnie, USA  
Sep 22, 2015 

The past 2 days were beyond anything I've ever sailed with. I tried and almost nailed my first wave 360s thanks to the 106!!! wohoooo

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