Simple steps.

Finn by Sofie


Surf Pro
Trainer Single & Dagger

A Board that will get you through your first days, and that you will keep coming back to, even after you mastered all the basics. We do.

Getting in the straps, jibing, trimming upwind or racing downwind is all possible on these boards. The Surf 200 and 220 feature a fully retractable dagger board by Allgaier ® for maximized stability, while the Surf 150 features a center fin for increased dynamics. With the introduction of the new 260 we now cover the full beginner board range. Furthermore the 260 is among the biggest and thereby most stable beginner boards on the market.

The Surf features an EVA deck with clear rails, keeping both your knees and your board in healthy shape. This entry level board is crafted to your family’s needs and school requirements. The Surf matches best with the Surf Trainer sail.

The Surf 150 can come with either a dagger board or a plastic fin in the center position. Please define in your order which of the two options you prefer.

Available in 150, 200, 220, 260 liters.

Available in white.


Full EVA deck cover.

Plus grooved stance pads.


Ast Economy

Cubed fused-cell foam core. Offering a durable, tough and light board, but considerably more affordable than carbon constructions. Does that still make it a dream board? Yes, because it allows more people to get their feet wet with windsurfing, and that is exactly what these boards are all about.

An advanced sandwich build guarantees for light weight and excellent water resistance. AST models feature glass-reinforced rails for extra stiffness in surf conditions. High grade epoxy resin creates an impact resistant outer skin while increasing overall hull strength. Featured on Surf.


Big. And light.

Finn and Jeffrey by Paul



Added stabilization.



Vickey and Finn by Sofie


Nose protection.

A foam bump protects both masts from the main mast
track and the optional tandem nose insert.


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Teo, USA  
Aug 14, 2015 

I really like this board. It is really fun to start with, I use it as a windsurf, SUP board. My favorite part is that is big enough that we can use it all together with my family and friends.

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