Carves like on rails.

Marcilio by Paul


Carrera Pro
Freecarve Single

The new Carrera line transitiones from being Freeride oriented to now cater to Freecarve riders.

The sailing experience is a fresh one altogether, more agility, more turning torque, however riders familiar with the Carrera will enjoy the volume designations carried over, as well as the board’s supreme build. There used to be a time when only Race boards were built like the Carrera. And there is no other Freecarve board on the market built like this even today.

We set out to create a Freecarve board with only the very best composites applied, racing composites and full carbon construction, bringing the ultimate speed sensation to a broader audience. The Carrera offers utmost high end performance whenever and wherever you want it. It is just as fun to carve as it is jaw-dropping fast in both rough seas and on calm lakes. The Carrera matches best with the Nexus Freeride.

Available in 116, 130 liters.

Available in blue.


Control the curve.

Single density heat pressed pads offer
supreme grip, light weight and firm hold.


Pro Full Carbon

EPS core. Deck specifications featuring FDS™ Full Deck Sandwich and FRS™ Full Rail Sandwich in single thickness for immaculate flex, pristine longevity and ultra light weight, DSS™ Double Sandwich Stance and 0.6mm wood reinforcements for ultimate rigidity around the foot straps. Inside deck lamination featuring a glass monocoque connecting the mast-track to the stance area and biaxial carbon reinforcements around the foot straps for heel impact resistance. Outside deck lamination featuring FCD™ Full Carbon Deck coverage using seamless biaxial carbon sheets and a glass monocoque covering the rear two thirds of the deck.

Bottom specifications featuring FBS™ Full Bottom Sandwich in single thickness for light weight. Inside bottom lamination featuring glass fin area load distribution. Outside bottom lamination featuring fin area reinforcements. Nose reinforced by 5 layers. Tail reinforced by 7 layers. This ultra advanced performance construction combines supreme light weight, an unsurpassbale crisp feel and great durability, placing these boards above and beyond industry standards. Featured on Carrera, Volar, Bolt.


Pleasure and power.

Marcilio by Sofie


Carbon. Abundance.

The Carrera features FCD™ Full Carbon Deck coverage using seamless biaxial carbon sheets.


Driven by torque.

Marcilio by Sofie


Tastefully vibrant.

All 2017 boards come with complimenting base and artwork hues, accompanied by dashes of gold.


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Francisco de la Fuente, Chile  
Mar 11, 2018 

La tabla es increíblemente liviana! Flota muy bien y reacciona muy rápido!
La quilla 42 es muy pequeña para Velas 8.0 o 9.0, pero con una 48 anda muy bien!

Guillermo Bianchi, Argentina  
Feb 21, 2017 

My Carrera 130 just arrived, from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Francisco Rey, Spain  
Aug 27, 2016 

Took my CARRERA 116 for a spin at Alarcón, close to Madrid. 20 to 22 knots I used my 6.4 Nexus. Magic combination. High speed with absolute control. Loved every minute of it.

Zane Serling, Pacifica CA, USA  
Jul 06, 2016 

Great! 130 fast and so light! Rides like a much smaller board. My only concern is durability. All the new boards are feather weights and this is no different. Hope it lasts!

Bill H., San Francisco, USA  
May 03, 2016 

Took my new 130 out; 12-25 mph wind, flooding. Stock 44cm fin, Sailworks Retro 6.5 and Sailworks SDM 460-75. Doesn't look like 130lts, doesn't ride like 130 either. Light, thin and wide. Simple pin tail design. Surprising amount of nose scoop that inspires confidence in heavy SFbay chop. Board hauls ass; on all points of sail. Other riders vanishing in a hurry. The carbon construction is stiff and responsive. Acceleration is immediate and it pulls with every gust. For a huge board the ride is lively, comfortable and responsive to foot steering. Jibing with a big 460 and 6.5 of course takes commitment. All or nothing with this beast. Not enough rail pressure and it wants to straighten out so pick a gust to initiate. Not a beginner board. Just the right mix of uncompromising speed and handling. Haven't found the top end yet. Love everything about this board.

Luis, España - Spain  
Apr 05, 2016 

He probado la 130 con 6,7 y 15-18 nudos y me ha encantado... planeo rápido y fácil en las maniobras... perfecta para freeride con poco viento

I've been testing the 130 with a 6,7 free ride sail in 15-18 knots and I loved it!!! Fast planning, easy in the jibes... perfect for light wind free ride

Fran Conway, U S A Merritt Island Fl.  
Mar 29, 2016 

WOW! My 116 Carrera arrived on Good Friday an was able to sail it on Easter .It blows away my 120 liter board.SO Smooth in the chop an jibes like a much smaller board.Thanks to Eddy Petroclli info that I bought this board.I cant say enough good things about the Carrera.

Tom, Canada  
Jan 03, 2016 

Boy that new Carrera 116 has me dancing all over the waves. What a joy!

Niklas, Germany  
Oct 08, 2015 

Wow, I love my Carrera 116. It is absolutely easy and neutral to ride, smooth jibes, jump & bump - everything is possible.

It is amazing how fast it runs on the lake - maximum speed with Banzai 5.7: 28,87kn (33mph, 53kmh). - left behind a lot of racing pilots with their slalom stuff.

Paco, Spain  
Sep 30, 2015 

Hola Francisco y Lalo,

Ayer día de mi cumpleaños recibí la Carrera 116 que mi familia me ha regalado.

Os escribo solo para deciros que la tabla es preciosa, me encanta lo ligera que es, unas formas preciosas, y unos colores muy bonitos. ¡Me muero de ganas de que haya un poco de viento por aquí en Madrid!

Esperando que todo os vaya bien, os envío un abrazo,


Eddy @ Big Winds, Oregon, USA  
Sep 24, 2015 

You make products that are easy to sell!

All the best,


Tom, Canada  
Aug 28, 2015 

Sailed our new ( used demo ) from Big Winds yesterday. Was very impressed on my 7.0 Sailworks Retro. Handled beautifully - quick and easy. Didn't feel like a big board - rails softer than my Roberts and faster than my iSonic!! A real keeper! Impressed with the carbon construction.
Well done! Can't wait to get it on our lake back home. Thanks to Eddie Petrocelli from Big Winds - board is everything he said it was! Cheers Tom - Okotoks, Alberta

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