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Ben Van Der Steen.

Francisco Goya: Here at Goya Windsurfing we would like to share with you our new collaboration with Ben Van Der Steen and the Goya Racing Team. Ben has been at the forefront of the PWA Racing and Product Development for almost 20 years. With his home base now in Tarifa, just steps away from our European headquarters and some of the best and most consistent testing and training grounds, working together was a natural evolution. Stay tuned for our all new Proton Pro and Bolt Pro boards arriving to your Goya Windsurfing dealer this summer. To a windy year!

Ben Van der Steen: It all started off with me and Lalo joking about joining Goya Windsurfing, but when we sat down and had a look at it, it looked pretty good for working something out. We got to an agreement pretty quickly after that. I had a family holiday trip to Maui were I met Keith and the rest of the team, had a quick go on the 2019 designs and it all looked very promising. Looking forward to get on the new boards and start the racing season on these new rockets! With the European Goya Windsurfing headquarters just a few minutes away it’s a great place to be! And I am proud to be on the Goya Racing Team as a racer and also as part of the R&D of the new Proton Pro.

Keith Teboul: Working with Ben has been a plug and play experience, he has the ability to quickly tell what he does and doesn’t like on each prototype and helped me bring it all together on to the next round, I’m happy to say that this 3rd generation of Proton Pro’s will bring a whole new level of acceleration, speed and control for Benny and the other racers on them.

Ben Van Der Steen

International Teamrider.

Home spot.Tarifa
Sponsors.Goya, Gunsails, Brunotti
A few words about yourself.I am a Dutch Guy living in Tarifa Spain , were I live with my Family and train for the competitions ahead as well as work on R&D on every aspect and level of windsurfing.
What makes your ride?The feeling of loosing your self on the water next to the element of competition , there is endless ways to enjoy this sport.
How much do you love to windsurf?I have been on skateboard sins I was 4 and windsurfing sins I was 11 years old , life is on a board.
What is your most memorable session?I have had many many great sessions but for me its hard to beat a good wave session in cape town big bay with Friends.
What inspires you?My wife and my kids give me a lot off inspirations as well as sailing in good conditions.
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in.Goya proton 96 with sail sizes from 5.6 ( hell windy ) to 7.1 ( still solidly windy )
Goya proton 116 with sails sizes from 7.1 ( strong but gusty winds ) up to 8.6 ( full power flatter water )
Goya Proton 136 with sails from 8.6 to 9.4 for light wind slalom.
94 and 104 Quad for when the waves come rolling in.
What does riding for Goya mean to you?I am very happy to ride for such a prestigious brand with a lot of passionate people behind the brand that really push the quality windsurfing to the next level!!!

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