Mike Fischer

National Teamrider.

Hometown.Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Home spot.Sandbanks Provincial Park, and anywhere in eastern Lake Ontario
Sponsors.Quatro and Goya!
A few words about yourself.First and foremost, I am a dad. I work a full time engineering job so while I would love to be a professional sailor, it just isn’t in the cards for this cat. I can always dream, and perhaps push my age-old aspirations on my children like any good obsessed father would do. Oh yeah, I have webbed toes, and consider myself to be half duck.
What makes your ride?I think the wind and water has some sort of a pull to it, kind of like the Death Star’s tractor beam. As a geriatric, relative to the rest of the team, there is nothing better than spending weeks, months, or years sometimes working on a freestyle trick and finally sticking one.
How much do you love to windsurf?Is it abnormal to check almost every windsurf website in cyberspace, every single day? Yes. It is obscene. Something is wrong with me.
What is your most memorable session?Oh man, there have been so many… and then you have another one and IT becomes the most memorable one. I’d say probably two specific sessions stick out in my mind: Lyall Bay in Wellington NZ just went OFF before my family and I moved back to Canada, and, twice in a row! That was insane!!! It was a nice send off to have one last kick at the can with all my Wellington mates. Then, more recently, Sandbanks delivered a couple epic ones in fall 2009 that made me realize that, holy shit, there CAN be really nice waves on big Lake O (and I CAN hold onto a 3.7 in winds gusting to 50).
What inspires you?I am inspired to push myself and my abilities to achieve new things. I also can’t wait to get my kids and wife out sailing with me!
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in.I’m using the new Eclipse’s 5.3 and 4.7, and Guru’s 4.2 and 3.7, with a Goya X1 105 and a Quatro single-fin Wave76. I make that quiver work in whatever conditions I sail in. Sometimes it’s near flat-water in 15kts, and sometimes it’s big lake waves in 40-50kts. I especially like the early planing of the X1 – I don’t feel I need anything bigger than a 5.3!
What does riding for Goya mean to you?It feels really good to be part of the Quatro/Goya family. I’ve been a fan of Francisco since he started battling for the world wave title and watched in awe when he won it! Now as a family person myself, I just feel I am aligned with the right values and priorities that Goya represents. Also, I must say it is nice to have that wee bit of recognition of being supported by these great teams with all this diverse talent when I have so little of it… and for that I have no illusions and I am very grateful, and lucky.

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