The Engineering.

“Each one of our products undergoes rigorous testing. Devastating testing. Initially, we actually want for the gear to break, so we can figure out the limits, highlight the opportunities for progress. This includes masts, mast extensions, booms, their main body tubes, tail ends, extensions, heads. Sail films and cloths, battens, board foams and resins, fibers, all follow the same example. We then adjust and augment the specifications and quality of each material and lay up with our engineering team and riders. This of course comes at a cost. That’s why our products may not be the cheapest initially, but they do pay off once it comes time they actually don’t break in a wipe out, and you don’t have to replace them. For example, when developing the Ninety Pro, our strongest mast, it took almost two years until our team approved every single one, at which point we effectively stopped breaking them. From there we started getting the flex and reflex we were after, and only then did we clear the product for production. It would be possible to build our gear for almost half the price, saving on development, saving on materials, saving on lay ups. Would you feel the difference? Not a question. Both on the water and ultimately in your wallet. As a business we choose to focus on the product, the service and most importantly, the feeling. We care about the experience our customers will have for years to come, and we root that experience in engineering. This way we thoroughly enjoy riding and selling our own products, and our job becomes a rewarding one. This has been our approach since we started over 25 years ago, and it’s what we are most passionate about.” Francisco Goya

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