Xavier Huart



Name: Xavier Huart

Home Town: Biarritz

Home Spot: Planet earth

Sponsors: Goya, O’neill

A few words about yourself…

cold and hot, passionated and determinated, too serious and too stupid.

What makes your ride?

Feelings of freedom, power, peace of mind, energy. Sharing moments with people, friends. Love of the ocean

How much do you love to windsurf?

Simple : as many people…when you watch a tree starting to shake, what do you think about? It s like the blood in your veines. You need to regenerate it with some exercices…

What is your most memorable session?

Hard to say..so many. Maybe a big outside Little Bay with friends, or big sessions in Plattboom (south africa) I ve got so many. Depend of the atmosphere, people you are sharing with. Not only huge conditions, just moments…


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What inspires you?

The respect and the involvment some people have for everything and nothing. Staying positive. I would say Fransisco and the crew have a good philosophy of life.

Describe your quiver and the range of conditions you use it on.

2 boards Goya Twin fins in 72 and 81. I’m covering all the conditions I want, from 12 to 50 knots. When it’s light,I m going out with the new Eclipse, especially in Europe, where I need more power in the lower part of the sail. Then, when I want to go hard and high,It s Guru time…till 3,7 . Nothing can happen except being scared…. But I’m so confident with my equipment….

What does riding for Goya mean to you?

Francisco has always been THE magician in the windsurfing world, such a source of inspiration… I bought some of his board long time ago, and from that ,had the best feelings and results ever… I used to ride on Keith boards for so long…. And you know, when all the crew is coming in Hookipa, laughing, sharing, going hard outside… you just want to be art of it… It s only about spirit ,attitude… with them around, you just give the best of yourself, it’s natural…

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