Regis Bouron




Home Town: FECAMP



A few words about yourself…

When I was 20 I moved to canary island in order to realize a dream, windsurf as much as possible. After few years passed on the tour I decided last year to come back for a time in France and ride for myself and just for fun. Another windsurfing story is starting now for me, with some nice trips with my friends and riding all the French coasts all the year.

What makes your ride?

More than the happiness it brings to me, the sadness when I’m not sailing for a long time…I’m always happy to go sailing now with my friends, I have fun even if the conditions are smalls.

How much do you love to windsurf?

It’s just my favorite activity, I use to practice a lot more than windsurf but nothing give else give me the same satisfaction.

What is your most memorable session?

I have so many that I can’t chose only one. I had big sessions in South Africa that I will never forget.


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What inspires you?

Hard core conditions.

Describe your quiver and the range of conditions you use it on.

Actually I’m riding most of the time between 4,0 and 5,0 with the Guru sails, with the new Goya mast the gear is super soft and indestructible, my sailing style needs it. Depending of the conditions I use the custom series wave boards from 66L in high wind conditions to 78L. With small waves conditions and light wind the 85 ONE is THE weapon to get fast planning and go higher than everybody! I chose the power of the Eclipse for my bigger sails, above 5,0.

What does riding for Goya mean to you?

To me GOYA is a lot more than a sponsor. I have to say that I’m very proud to be in that team since the beginning. GOYA always helped me and trusted me all these years, even if I was competing or not, doing results or not. When I was in Maui for the first time to get my equipment, I asked Francisco what did he expected from me as a Goya team Rider, he just said “have fun with the gear”. It resumes what I’m doing since 2004 in the Team.

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