Carlo Nut Rotelli



Name: Carlo Nut Rotelli

Home Town: Portonovo – Ancona -Italy

Home Spot: Portonovo East Italy and Cala Pischina North Sardinia

Sponsors: Goya, Quiksilver, PWB, MOKI

A few words about yourself…

I’m trying to live my life with passion. Be a better man…

What makes your ride?

My dream … water, wind, waves, freedom. The pure contact with nature and respect for the oceans and sharing all this with some good friends in the water. And of course windsurfing brings all that together

How much do you love to windsurf?

Windsurfing was the first sport I truly loved… I grew up doing it.
I have a lot of respect for nature and the oceans and windsurfing/ surfing or doing sup is a big part of that for me. Windsurfing gave me the opportunity to travel the world and learn about new countries and meet many good people. I hope to go on doing it for a long time!

What is your most memorable session?

One perfect big day in Punta Preta in the winter 2001, me and my mate Andrea Salce only, nobody else in the water… It would be difficult but I hope it can be repeated again! But I’ve also had some epic days with big waves in the north of Sardinia.


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What inspires you?

All the real people who follows their own dreams. Also a good book or movie and hearing or playing good music! Surfers and watermen like Robby Naish, Cisco Goya, J.Polakow, Dave Kalama and Kelly Slater. Eddie Vedder and Ben Harper and are also excellent sources of inspiration.

Describe your quiver and the range of conditions you use it on.

Light wind and onshore: Goya ONE 105 or 95 with a 4.7 to 6.2 Goya Eclipse sail. Medium to strong wind and side-off shore: Goya ONE 84 or 89 and a 4.4 to 5.7 Eclipse sail. Slalom gear when it’s flat. SUP in waves or flat water.p>

What does riding for Goya mean to you?

I was present with Fransisco when the brand was born and the first prototypes of Goya Sails were being ridden in Ho’okipa with my design. Probably sailing with Goya means sailing with a friends first, and also riding with materials developed by riders who really love windsurfing and who go in the water every day and in every condition! This guarantees the best performance for verybody.

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