Alesky Gayda



Name: Alesky Gayda

Home Town: Canvey Island, Essex, UK

Home Spot: Canvey island

Sponsors: Goya

A few words about yourself…

I love to be outside and being in the water. I surf, windsurf, BMX and do some trampolening.. I am a friendly and happy person but i am quit shy.

What makes your ride?

I love being in the water and all the energy and power and the buzz of being out there, most importantly it makes me happy!

How much do you love to windsurf?

It is the most amazing thing ever! i cant really explain how much i love it in words, it just seems to make sense of my life.

What is your most memorable session?

The first time i properly got on the plane. Maybe the first time i sailed mossies in Brandon bay Ireland with rob Jones and my dad. It was amazing sailing a reef and seeing all the cool colours and the big rolling swell.


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What inspires you?

Big rolling swell on stormy days sailing with all my friends and family.

Describe your quiver and the range of conditions you use it on.

Well I have a 45lit custom, then a range of Goya Custom Singles, Goya Ones and X1’s. I also custom made sail, 2.5m, by Rob Jones. I use the 4.7 and 77lt in 22 to 28mph and then 4.2 and 77lt or 68lit in 35 and then 3.4 in 35 to 45 and then after that 3m and then after that when it gets mental i go on the 2. 5and 45lit. If i travel and go to proper waves and down the line condition it’s a different story i manly use the guru’s and 77 or 68

What does riding for Goya mean to you?

Francisco Goya was always my favourite sailer when I was younger and now I get to ride his kit it’s amazing. I don’t feel any pressure riding for Goya it just about get out there and having fun sailing with friends and family and showing other people how good windsurfing is.

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