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We’re excited to introduce the brand new first ever dedicated Race board line by Goya Windsurfing. Approved by the PWA. Following the same principles that run deep with the brand, working day by day with a passionate team of athletes, designers and customers, the Proton celebrates the latest progression of the most futuristic and fun sport on earth. Being a Race board however, yes, it’s also made to crush your competition.

Francisco Goya, founder, designer: “It is a dream to be here today as we launch our new Race board program. When we started Goya Windsurfing 12 years ago with only a couple of wave board models, I would imagine the day our Race boards would become available. Finally they are here, and we are ready to embrace this new challenge as we have done with the rest of our models, bringing all of our best forward.”

Gabriel Browne, PWA team rider: “The line has three sizes and is totally focussed on racing performance. We talk about winning races, wherever you want, no matter the condition. These three sizes cover any wind range. During testing on Maui we sailed in all different kinds of conditions, from heavy swells to flat speed places, strong onshore squalls to morning offshore breezes, and I’m absolutely happy with how these boards came out. The 96 is a strong wind machine, focussed on offering ultimate control and precise jibing, along with maximum speed. When racing in strong winds with the PWA we need something very easy and comfortable to handle, so that we can focus on our tactics. The 116 has a incredible wind range and suits sails from 6,5 to 8,5 perfectly. It is designed to be in the top level of efficiency and performance on any race course. The 136 is a light wind killer. With the wider tail shape this board planes very very early and jibes like nothing else. The Proton range has been refined to the T of every detail, with rail shapes designed to deliver the best performance and control. The bottom shape is a pure slalom powerhouse, with every single millimeter dialed to make sure these boards are uber accurate. No compromise. The deck shape then allows the sailor a maximum level of comfort within the spectrum of the discipline.”

Available in 96, 116, 136 liters.

Available in amber.


Pro Full Carbon Hull

EPS core. Deck specifications featuring FDS™ Full Deck Sandwich and FRS™ Full Rail Sandwich in single thickness for immaculate flex, pristine longevity and ultra light weight, DSS™ Double Sandwich Stance and 0.6mm wood reinforcements for ultimate rigidity around the foot straps. Inside deck lamination featuring a glass monocoque connecting the mast-track to the stance area and biaxial carbon reinforcements around the foot straps for heel impact resistance. Outside deck lamination featuring FCH™ Full Carbon Hull covering the entirety of the board using seamless biaxial carbon sheets. Bottom specifications featuring FBS™ Full Bottom Sandwich in single thickness for light weight. Inside bottom lamination featuring glass fin area load distribution. Outside bottom lamination featuring fin area reinforcements. Nose reinforced by 5 layers. Tail reinforced by 7 layers. This ultra advanced performance construction combines supreme light weight, an unsurpassbale crisp feel and great durability, placing these boards at the pinnacle of the brand and the industry. Featured on Proton.


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Gabriel, Brazil  
Feb 14, 2017 

Crazy sailing today!!! 5.6 !! 45+ knts and 2meters wave. Proton 96 absolutely flying today. I was .....today here!!! Soooo happy!!!

Gabriel, Brazil  
Feb 11, 2017 


Tested yesterday the 136 in some light gusty winds. Off shore flat water condition. I was using a 9.2 sail.

The board is also very easy to ride. Very well balanced, feeling the rails engaged nicely on the water. Good power in the tail for jibing and upwind. Footstraps position I had all the way back, feels very comfortable.

We did some training races, I won 2 of them. The first ones that we had Wind. After that they canceled for the day.

Today was perfect to test the 96. Very strong wind this morning for 6.3 - 7.1 . But started to rain very strong and we couldn't go out. We still waiting for conditions to get better.

Best regards,

Niklas, Bavaria  
Dec 27, 2016 

Still two month to wait.............................

5.0 5.0 3 3 Crazy sailing today!!! 5.6 !! 45+ knts and 2meters wave. Proton 96 absolutely flying today. I was .....today here!!! Soooo happy!!! Proton

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